Eldar, Orcs and Space Marines in 1st Edition Space Hulk

The 1st edition of Space Hulk is a magnificent game, but after some time the urge for variation starts to present itself. Therefore, I have created rules allowing players to pit squads of Eldar or Orcs, or modified squads of Space Marines against the alien menace. These new species should really help breathe new life into your old game.

The rules presented below describes a standard squad of each species, and gives the commander a few options to customize his force. The rules are strictly intended for use with the basic set for 1st ed. Space Hulk, and some of the rules replace weaponry rules printed in the Deathwing and Genestealer expansion. In the basic set, all missions are played using one or two standard squads, and these rules are intended to allow all 6 missions to be played using the alternative species or weapons choices. You could use these rules with some of the newer missions which don't use standard squads, but in that case the necessary tweaking is entirely up to you.

Simple Rules
I've strived to make these rules as simple as possible. After all, the basic game of Space Hulk is pretty simple - and this suits me and my Space Hulk playing friends perfectly. Huge tables describing weaponry and long force lists detailing alternative squads quite frankly make my head spin.
So, these rules are in no way meant to slight some of the much more extensive rules created by others describing different species in Space Hulk. I have nothing but respect for the massive work behind these rules, and I acknowledge that stuff like force lists are an integrated part of the official expansions for the game. But I just want something that can be understood and prepared in 10 minutes.

Designers Notes
Perfect balance isn't possible to achieve. But I've done my best to make all 3 sides playable, yet not too powerful.
I've opted for a fairly limited ammount of weaponry, and very few special rules to go with each race.
One of the most "controversial" bits in my design is probably giving all 3 species normal CPs, and not giving Eldar 5 AP. While Eldar are fleet footed, 5 AP would also increase their firepower immensely - which seemed wrong. I've made them more maneuverable instead.

Finally - connaiseurs of the 40K universe may feel that these rules give troop types like grots and eldar an unrealistically high survival rate against the dreaded Genestealers - especially compared to Terminator Marines! To get over this obstacle, there are 4 things you can do:


The Species

All models are described using the following terms:
AP/CP: All troop types have 4 AP each. All species get 1d6 of Command Points each turn.
Movement: 2 kinds exist: Slow and Fast. Slow models use the Marine AP column from the rulebook for moving and turning. Fast models use the Genestealer AP column from the rulebook for moving and turning - but still use the Marine AP column for firing.
Ranged Weapon: Tells which ranged weapon the model carries. All stats for ranged weapons can be found in the table below.
Close Assault: Gives the models number of dice and modifiers in close assault. A RR (ReRoll) allows the model to force a Genestealer to reroll one of its 3 attack dice. All close combat related equipment has been factored into this score.
Special Rules: Special rules describing special skills or equipment of the model.
Doorbuster: A Doorbuster may spend 1AP (or CP) to destroy a closed door in one of his 3 front squares. If playing with Bulkheads, a Doorbuster may destroy a Bulkhead in the same way for 2AP/CP.

An Eldar standard squad consists of 5 models.
 3 Dire Avengers
 1 Dire Avenger or Assault Choice [Striking Scorpion or Howling Banshee]
 1 Dire Avenger or Assault Choice [Striking Scorpion or Howling Banshee] or Heavy Choice [Dark Reaper, Fire Dragon or Warp Spider]

Eldar Troop Choices
Kind Movement Ranged Weapon Close Assault Special Rules
Dire Avenger Fast Shuriken Catapult d6-1 -
Striking Scorpion Fast - 2d6+1 +RR
2 Chainswords + Mandiblaster
Howling Banshee Fast Shuriken Pistol d6+1 +RR
Powersword + Mask
Dark Reaper Fast Rocket Launcher
+ Rangefinder
d6-1 -
Fire Dragon Fast Fire Pike d6-1 Doorbuster
(Melta Bombs)
Warp Spider Fast Death Spinner d6-1 Warp Jump*

*May pay 4AP to Warp Jump, and fire for free at the end of that move. To Warp Jump move model into any square in any adjacent tile, facing in any direction.

An Orc standard squad consists of 7 models. (When deploying, leave 2 models off the board).
 3 'Ard Boyz
 3 Grot Bombz
 1 Ork Nob

Ork Troop Choices
Kind Movement Ranged Weapon Close Assault Special Rules
'Ard Boy Fast Bolta d6-1 + RR
Big Choppa
Ork Nob Fast Custom Weppin =
Storm Bolter + Flamer
d6 + RR
Huge Choppa
Doorbuster (Huge Choppa)
Grot Bomb Fast Stubba d6 -2 Grotbomb

*Non-stunty models may ignore stunty models when determining line-of-sight/fire.

Space Marines (replace rules for Terminator Marines):
A Space Marine standard squad consists of 5 models.
 3 Space Marines
 1 Space Marine or Heavy Choice [Assault Cannon or Flamer]
 1 Marine Sargeant

Space Marine Troop Choices
Kind Movement Ranged Weapon Close Assault Special Rules
Space Marine Slow Storm Bolter d6
Power Fist
Flamer Marine Slow Heavy Flamer d6
Power Fist
Assault Cannon Marine Slow Assault Cannon d6
Power Fist
Sargeant Slow Storm Bolter d6+1
Chain Fist
Doorbuster (Chain Fist)



There are 3 kinds of Weaponry: Guns, Template Weapons and Frag Weapons.
Guns are a lot like the storm bolters from the original rules: They target individual model, they get sustained fire bonus when standing still, they can target doors, they can set overwatch for 2AP(with a range of 12 squares) and clear a jam for 1AP.
Template Weapons are a lot like the heavy flamer from the original rules. They target a board section, and all models on that section suffer an individual hit. Closed doors contain the blast. The template blocks line of fire and line of sight until the stealer endphase.
Frag Weapons are hybrid weapons. A Frag weapon may target model or an empty square. If shooting at a model, roll to kill as normal, but do not remove the model yet. Either way, the entire board section that the model/square was in is then fragged. A frag hit a template hit. It is contained by closed doors, but may destroy closed doors - this will not let the frag affect models behind the door. Any model affected by the frag blast suffers an individual 1d hit, and is killed on a 6. Remove all kills and the template when all rolls have been made.

The following terms apply when describing weapons:
Speed: Light weapons may stand and fire, move and fire (or turn and fire) for the AP cost listed under Storm Bolters. Heavy weapons may not move and fire, but may stand and fire for the AP cost listed under Heavy Flamers.
Range: The reach of the weapon (measured in squares). UL means unlimited. (Overwatch range is always 12).
Dice: Throw this many dice for each time the weapon is fired.
Kill: This is the score required to kill the intended target. Template weapons may have different kill scores for Stealers and Allies.
Max. Sustain: The best possible kill score for the Gun. No matter how many shots were fired, a roll below this score will not kill the target.
Jam Roll: This score will cause the Gun to jam when fired in overwatch.
Ammo: Templete weapons cab be fired a limited number of times.

Weapon Speed Range Dice Kill Max.
Special Rules
Stubba Light 12 1 6 5+ 1 May not shoot doors.
Shuriken Pistol
Light UL 1 6 4+ 1 -
Storm Bolter
Shuriken Catapult
Light UL 2 6 3+ doubles -
Assault Cannon Light UL 3 6 2+ All 1s & 2s Clear Jam costs 4AP.
Rocket Launcher Heavy UL 1 2+ 2+ 1 Loses overwatch after 1 shot. Overwatch at UL range.
Frag Weapon.
Deathspinner Heavy 12 4 4+ - - May not overwatch.
When firing, roll all 4 dice, and remove kills one at a time - early kills may clear line of fire to later ones.
Grot Bomb Light 1 1 3+ - - May not overwatch.
May be fired for free instead of rolling close combat dice.
Frag weapon - kills bearer automatically.

Template Weapons

Weapon Speed Range Dice Kill
Ammo Special Rules
Heavy Flamer Heavy 12 1 2+ 3 6 -
Custom Weppin Flamer Heavy 12 1 3+ 3 6 If the Custom Weapons storm bolter is jammed then the flamer may not be fired.
Fire Pike Light 12 1 4+ 4 6 -