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Guide to the links and material

This site was created by Martin Lærkes, Danish game player and tweaker, and INWO fan extraordinaire.
Below you'll find a description of the contents of my own site, as well as of the multitude of links I've collected.

Repairing INWO:
[Please Read This!] is probably the most crucial link on this site, and the one article I hope that everyone will find the time to read. In my opinion, a few cards have "broken" INWO, doubling or even tripling playing time. Also, a few core rules are needlesly convoluted, and could do with an overhaul. This article deals with fixing the speed problems of INWO, and suggests a few rules changes that will make the game easier for newbies and veterans alike.

Official Stuff:
[INWO at Steve Jackson Games]. Credit where credit is due. Steve Jackson Games created INWO, and you can find all manners of wonderful INWO stuff here.

[INWO Rules] is the current official INWO rules.

[OBD Rules], means rules for One Big Deck games. OBD is an INWO variant, where the players don't bring their own preconstructed decks, but instead share a single plot deck and a single group deck. OBD is a great way to teach INWO to newbies, since this way they can try the game without having to create their own deck. At the same time, the OBD can be tweaked in various way, creating interesting scenarios, or ensuring that newbies avoid the most confusing rules.

Semi-Official Stuff:
[The Deck of the Week] is a tradition started many years ago, and by now more than 80 Decks of the Week exist. A deck of the week is a standard 45 card preconstructed INWO deck, which has been found clever enough by the DotW adjucator (me, currently) to be awarded a DotW award. The site contains the latest Deck of the Week award winner, as well as instructions on how to submit your own DotW.

[The Deckathon Competition] is now over. It started in 1999, and was a knock-out cup between all of the award winning decks of the week. The deckathom was eventually won by a Discordia deck. Click here for more details.

[Dirty Tricks] was founded by Dan Myers back in 1996. Dirty Tricks are kind of like "DotW-light". The Dirty Tricks are 2-3 card combinations that are really sneaky or powerful, and can be used as the core idea for a deck, or as a way to spice up your deck a bit. Submissions are welcome.

Deck Design:
[Short Deck Ideas] is a list of many of my own deck ideas, created in realization of the fact that I will never find the time to create all of these decks. Each contains a brief description of the premise, and usually some card suggestions to get you going.

[Deck Design Tables] contain 2 sprawling tables, where you can cross reference groups by alignment-alignment or alignment-attribute. A 3rd table shows groups with special abilities that work well for or against specific alignments or attributes. The tables should make good deck building easier, so have a look.
[Glen's Tables] contain even more tables, where you can cross reference almost anything. The tables were created by Glen Barnett.
[Rob's 10 to Control Tables] is Rob the Radiis updated version of Glens handy "what takes what on a roll of 10  or less".

[Garys Card Database] contains the official card text for most of the existing cards. The missing cards are a few ones from Assassins, as well as the german uniques. The site also has some interesting special ability cross references, and other inspiring sortings.

[Leviticus' Decks] is the most prominent of the elements on Leviticus Darksydes INWO site. All of his decks were created using just 2 OWE sets, so should be affordable by most collectors. Also on the site are some special deck design restrictions, a few homebrews, and an INWO editorial.

[Ralphs Decks] is just one of the features of Ralph Meltons INWO site. Ralph Melton was one of the prominent members of the INWO community, but he has moved on to other things, and his site hasn't been updated in a very long while. Still, lots of interesting things can be found here, including 6 sweet decks that won't be outdated.

[Johns OBD Variant] was created by John Meyers. It puts an interesting spin on the OBD concept.

[6 OBDs]. Steve Brinich, Ralph Melton, Glen Barnett and Aaron Curtis - all prominent INWO people - created these 6 OBD deck lists, and they were collected by Nina Jansen. Each is a themed deck list for playing OBD INWO, and some of them were specifically designed for introductory games with newbies.

[OBD: New World War] was printed in Pyramid magazine. It contains an OBD deck list featuring nations, and a few nation related homebrew cards.

[Virtual Deck] is another INWO variant. It allows you to play with a small collection of cards, even though it requires you to have a pretty big one (or a working knowledge of the cards). The idea is to use the [Virtual Sealed Deck Generator] to create a limited list of cards, from which to build your deck. Not only does this mean that you have less cards to keep track of, but it also entails a general lowering of the power level of decks, making for great games with only few cancellers and power cards.

[Solitaire] rules were created by Robin Parmar. It allows you to play with your INWO cards, when your friends are busy.

1OWE Deck Sets:
1OWE is a special INWO variant, which is great for teaching INWO to newbies. The idea is to build several decks from a single One With Everything (a.k.a. Factory Set). This way, the gamemaster controls the "environment" of the game, while the newbies learn the actual INWO rules, and have their own deck and secret strategy.

[John Woods: Personality Clash] won the 1OWE contest, which SJGames held in 2002. John managed to create 9 decks from a single OWE, giving players plenty of decks to choose from, for great replay value. It is the intention of SJGames to put up all the contestants on their website at some time.

[My: Perpetual Motion] was my first entry into the competition. It features 4 heavily themed decks. Each is based on a pretty big slurp bonus and a back-up goal, which should ensure good speed, as well as the ability to win even if you take a serious beating.

[My: Ascension] was my second entry. It can be played by 3-4 players. It is pretty fast and furious, and should probably be used as a "beer and pretzels game". The 3 players each play Cthulhu, and have massive bonuses to blow up each others groups, while the potential fourth player is a secret UFO deck trying to benefit from the carnage.

Card Ideas:
Most INWO players just can't help but create a few homebrew INWO cards. The remaining links lead to various cards for you to cut-and-paste or otherwize create if you feel adventurous.

[The German Cards] aren't actually homebrews, but are my translations of the 21 unique cards from the german set Neue Weltordning. Since some of the groups won't mean much to non-germans, I decided to translate both the cards text and concept, into something more internationally recognizable.

[My Homebrews] contain the 2 illuminati I got accepted by Pyramid magazine, as well as a handful of goals, and a few groups, plots and resources. I've put them in order of priority, with my favourites at the top. I prefer designing cards around interesting or "necessary" game mechanics, rather than starting with a group and then finding an ability that fits.

[Steve Harkleroads] contains approximately 40 homebrew cards. Steve updates the list to keep up with current events, and to make sure that only his best cards stay on the list.

[Robin Parmars] site contains 8 homebrews.

[CotW Winners] means card of the week winners. When INWO was in its prime, the card mailing list churned out several cards each week, and the best recieved a deck of the week award. All cards were added into Sam Kingtons massive database. The base contained over 4000 cards at one point, but now base is largely defunct, and the search feature no longer works. Still, you can see a lot of the old card of the week winners, and there are some pretty neat cards among them.

[Pyramid's] article on homebrew cards features the best cards from the design-a-card contest they held years ago.

[Trading Site]. This is Mahasamatmans trading site. Around 20 INWO players still actively trading cards. I've used it to complete my collection, and everything has worked out great.

[INWOlist Archive] is an archive of everything posted to the inwolist since 2002.