House Rules for Dungeonquest

The Dungeonquest game was actually designed by swedish BRIO AB, and released as "Drakborgen" (Dragon Castle), before a deal was made with Games Workshop to produce an english version of the game. Dungeonquest/Drakborgen is an excellent game, so it was only natural that Games Workshop produced 2 expensions for this fast and furious board game.

However, in my opinion, neither of these 2 expansions were particularly succesful.
Dungeonquest Catacombs (Based on a BRIA AB expansion) allows players to explore the tunnels and catacombs below the dungeon within Dragonfire Mountain, but with no board to explore the catacombs are pretty dull. Furthermore, players have next to no control over where they end up, so there is very little incentive for going down there in the first place. Heroes for Dungeonquest is a little better, adding 8 new (and 4 not so new) characters to the 4 from the basic game. Unfortunately, the new characters are needlessly complicated, requiring each player to do quite a bit of reading before the game can begin: Every character has to have his own unique table for shooting, etc. etc., making it impossible to learn the rules by heart.
But sets are a few laughs, but they are not great.

As much as I love the basic game, I have to admit that it also has it's flaws. In my experience, the dungeon is just a bit too lethal. It would be a lot more exciting if there was ever any real competition about who makes it out with the most gold, rather than the winner usually being the player who refuses to venture far into the dungeon, escaping safely with a few coins.
In time, this made my mates give up on the game.

That is why I created the house rules presented below, as well as some slightly beefed up characters - breathing new life into our quests into the dungeon. The rules for room cards and searching are also meant to make the rules a bit easier to remember, meaning less flipping through the reference sheet.

Happy questing!

The House Rules