Copenhagen Tournament Rules

The Copenhagen Tournament Rules are used every year for Lustria Open (~april) and Norsca Open (~october). The following table shows which players and teams have made it to the grand final over the years.

CTR Finalists

# Tournament
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Winner Runner-Up
18 Lustria Open 7 (April 2007)
Hosted by Morten Bonnin and the DBBA: LRB5 teams + Daemons and Brettonians from CTR.
? ? ? ?
17 Fanatic Open 6 (October 2006)
Official Danish Championships, hosted by Morten Bonnin. (CTR special teams excluded).
Brian Larsen Orcs Jonas Hindsberg Norse

The CTR have made the transition to LRB5.

16 Norsca Open 5 (November 2005) Martin Ottesen-Støtt Skaven Truls Mosegaard Bretonnian
15 Fanatic Open 5 (October 2005) Morten Bonnin Undead Poul Piepgrass Imperial
14 Lustria Open 6 (2005) Jonas Lindberg Undead Poul Piepgrass Skaven
13 Norsca Open 4 (2004)
(hosted by P. Niebling and K. Rastrup)
Brian Larsen Orcs Nicolai Overgaard Skaven

Team creation rules moved closer to GW tournament standards, by giving less money and skills, but allowing for 1 extra skill per match. The new rules will be easier for inexperienced coaches to deal with, and should stir up the power-team hierarchy. Also, a few Vault bits imported.

12 Lustria Open 5 (2004) Truls Mosegaard Tilea Nicolai Overgaard Skaven
11 Fanatic Open 4 (2004) Truls Mosegaard Bretonnian Kristian Rastrup Dwarf
Rules updated to comply with BB Rules Review 03. Also, a poll was conducted among 7 CTR veterans, to gauge the power of the different teams, and adjustments were made to even the field.
10 Norsca Open 3 (2003)
(hosted by P. Niebling and K. Rastrup)
Peter Niebling Chaos Dwarf Lasse Skov Hobgoblin
9 Lustria Open 4 (2003) Kristian Rastrup Dark Elf Poul Piepgrass Daemon
8 Fanatic Open 3 (2002)
(at Giant Fanatic 5)
Peter Niebling Hobgoblin
(old version)
Torben Flodgaard Wood Elf
7 Lustria Open 3 (2002) Martin Lærkes Bretonnian
(GW playtest version)
Pelle Esbensen Chaos Dwarf
With the release of the 4.5th edition of Blood Bowl, CTR has been changed, in order to accomodate the new rules.
This entails that CTR is now even closer to the "vanilla" rules.
With 6 major tournaments now in the bag, it was clear that the winning teams had a lot in common - and much was made of the fact that Khemri and Orcs were very well represented. Even though the 2 races' 7(!) top spots were achieved by just 3 very competent coaches, it was clear that the rules still favoured bashing teams and cheap teams - and orcs and Khemri are both.
Therefore the treasury was increased to 1.200.000gc, and big guys were made less common.
6 Norsca Open 2 (2001)
(at Viking Con 20)
Peter Niebling Khemrian
(old version)
Peter Ellebye Khemrian
(old version)
5 Fanatic Open 2 (2001)
(at Giant Fanatic 4)
Kasper Thiberg Norse Brian Larsen Orc
4 Lustria Open 2 (2001) Brian Larsen Orc Peter Ellebye Khemrian
(old version)
3 Norsca Open 1 (2000)
(at Viking Con 19 )
Peter Niebling Khemrian
(old version)
Anders Skov High Elf
2 Fanatic Open 1 (2000)
(at Giant Fanatic 3)
Brian Larsen Orc Kasper Thiberg High Elf
After the first big CTR tournament, it was obvious that the rules favoured the brutal teams. The ammount of pain that could be inflicted with 1 skill on every player was simply too much, when compared to the meagre reserves that could be bought with 1.000.000gc. Therefore the treasury was increased to 1.100.000gc.
1 Lustria Open 1 (2000) Jakob Lærkes Bretonnian
(old version)
Michael Werliin Skaven