Picking Inducements

Picking the right inducements in Blood Bowl is not easy - and this isn't helped by tthe fact that the inducement rules are currently expanding with each new supplement, and are spread out over several sources. Below you can download a reference sheet for each team in Blood Bowl, to give you an overview of your options.

The first two pdfs are for use with BB2016 (updated for DZ2 and Spike issue 1 and 2). One is for straight BB2016, while the other is for use with the NTBB rules. Simply print the pdf, and you have a 26 reference sheets for the 24 teams of legend, as well as Cyanide's/NAF's Bretonnian and Khorne team.
The 2nd pair of pdfs are for use with the now outdated CRP rules. Again, one is for straight CRP, while the other is for NTBB.
Perhaps I should have just deleted these, but these pdfs are double-sided, featuring Knut Rockies amazing artwork for each of the 6 stars available to each team - and dammit, they look too good to just get deleted!

Download: Inducements for Blood Bowl

Download: Inducements for NTBB 2018

Download: Inducements for CRP Blood Bowl

Download: Inducements for Narrow Tier Blood Bowl 2015