The Copenhagen Tournament Rules
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The Copenhagen Tournament Rules is a supplement to the Blood Bowl rules designed for "one-off" games and short tournaments. A CTR tournament uses the rules from the official CRP/LRB6, except where modified by this document. In addition to a few tournament specific rules and house rules, a handful of new rosters have been added to the mix. All of the new and changed teams are based on extensive playtest, and are recommended for league play as well as tournaments.

You Must Bring

  1. Yourself - on time!
  2. 2 clearly readable rosters, with a legal team. We strongly recommend using the Team Generator above! (If you can't get it to print properly, just copy the roster that appears when you press print, paste it into Word, and print it from there).
  3. A team. Miniatures must be easily recognizable by your opponent.
  4. A board and a timer. These are optional - but we do need 1 of each for every 2 coaches.

Failing to comply with 1-3 shows lack of sportsmanship and will result in point reductions.

Tournament Format

The tournament is played out as a series of one off games. This means that no effects from one game carries over to the next one. Each game is played with the exact same team, no star player points, no injuries, no deaths no nothing! The only exception is the skill rule described below.

Usually, but not always, CTR tournaments are 2-day events. Depending on the number of attending teams and the alloted time, the tournament will consist of a number of swiss-draw games, followed by a cup tournament. If possible, it is recommended that half of the attending team advance from the swiss draw part of the tournament to the cup. Our swiss draw system has 5 categories: wins, draws, losses, big losses (by 3 or more touchdowns) and unplayed matches. No match-ups may be repeated. Qualification will be based on the swiss-spread. Tiebreaks will be resolved by adding a 6th category: Painting standard, which will be graded as either uninspired, good or excellent. Further ties will be resolved by comparing the tournament record of the tied coach's opponents.

Remember to bring along 2 copies of your team roster. Also bring your own board, dice, miniatures (naturally), and a timer if possible.

Designing a Team

You have 1.100.000gc to spend on the team of your choice from the LRB, or from the special list of teams below, but otherwize all other rules remain unchanged.

Skills (Handicap System)

When creating your team, you are allowed to give a single non-doubles skill to a few players. The number of skills recieved depends on the teams percieved power in the CTR setting (all unofficial teams get the lowest possible allowance), and can be found in the table below.

1 skill 2 skills 3 skills
Bretonnian, Chaos Dwarf, Chaos All-Stars, Daemon, Khemri, Necromantic, Norse, Orc, Skaven, Slann, Tilean, Undead, Wood Elf Amazon, Dark Elf, Chaos, Dwarf, Elf, High Elf, Human, Lizardmen, Nurgle's Rotters Goblin, Halfling, Ogre, Vampire

In addition, before each game (including the first), you may grant one non-doubles skill to a player of your choice who hasn't already recieved a skill. Upon advancement to the cup, the first skill recieved may be treated as a doubles roll, if the coach so chooses.


The miniatures used must clearly display each players position. The position of official Blood Bowl miniatures are naturally recognizable, but if you are using other miniatures I recommend the time honoured tradition of colour coding the bases: yellow - catcher, red - blitzer, white - thrower, green - blocker, grey - lineman. If you are uncertain as to which colour to use, just make sure that each 1 colour only applies to 1 position.

Furthermore, it must be easy to tell individual players apart, in order that both you and your opponent can tell which player has chosen which skill. Visible numbering is the easiest way of doing this, but putting stickers with your skill choices on the rim of the bases is also a favourite.

As for the new teams, Bretonnia can be represented with human miniatures. Daemon miniatures can be found in both the WHFB and 40K range. Marauder miniatures can be found both in the WHFB range, and among 2nd edition BB miniatures. Players on the Tilean team must be represented by clearly recognizable human or allied players as appropriate. Slann miniatures are hard to come by, but both 40K plastic Kroots and BB Amazon miniatures are good substitutes.

House Rules


Team Lists:
All official teams from the CRP are legal in a CTR tournament, as are the 3 BBRC recommended rosters.
Furthermore, Bretonnians, Daemons and Tileans - are tournament legal.

Bretonnian Teams
In the fair land of Bretonnia arrogant Bretonnian nobles and their most trusted yeomen are questing for an alternative grail - the coveted Bloodweiser trophy. All too convinced of their own skill, the young knights fill out their team with lineman levy, drafted from the many local and remarkably incompetent all-peasant teams.
Bretonnian2.jpg (11875 bytes) 0-16 Linemen 40K 6 3 2 7 Fend G
0-4 Yeomen 70K 6 3 3 8 Wrestle GS
0-4 Blitzer 120K 8 3 3 8 Block, Catch, Dauntless GS
ReRolls: 60K,
The bretonnian team combines of some of the best blood bowl players money can buy, with some of the worst. The Bretonnian knights are excellent at every aspect of the game, but it may prove quite a challenge for any coach to make due with so few players of notable quality.
For more information:


Daemon Teams
The 4 chaos gods are weird and otherworldly entities, incomprehensible to the mortal mind. But in one way they are the same as the next guy: After a long day of planning the fates of millions, they love to kick back and watch their home team vanquish the opposition. Therefore, some chaos sorcerers specialize in summoning daemon teams to win favour with the dark lords.
0-4 Plaguebearers 70K 5 4 1 7 Foul Appearance, Thick Skull GM
0-4 Horrors 70K 7 2 3 7 Regeneration, Extra Arms GPM
0-4 Daemonettes 70K 6 3 4 7 Claws, No Hands GAM
0-4 Bloodletters 70K 6 4 1 7 Horns GSM
ReRolls: 70K, Only horrors do not require doubles to take mutations.


Tilean Teams
Almost every young Blood Bowl player dreams of playing in the Imperial leagues, but of those who travel there, not all get their wish fulfilled. Some of the rejected hopefuls journey south to the land of Tilea, where the rich merchant princes will hire any rogue who can bring glory to their house.
0-16 Tilean Linemen 50K 6 3 3 7 Sure Hands G

Allies: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Amazon, Norse.
The team is allowed to spend a maximum of 500K on players or mercenaries (but no journeymen) from the allied team lists. However, no duplicates may be bought.

ReRolls: 80K,