My Blood Bowl Collection
[The original 6] [The Deathzone 6] [The LRB 9] [The BBRC 3] [The Cyanide 2] [2 Unofficial]

Below I proudly present my collection of Blood Bowl miniatures.
It's not a fancy collector’s collection, so it doesn't showcase particularly rare or limited edition miniatures. It's a gamer’s collection, and what it contains is one painted team for each playable team in the game: 21 official teams + the 3 BBRC teams + 4 unofficial teams. Mind you, I really don't paint all that well, and some of these teams were painted back when I was worse. I'm not very fast either, so when I finally grew up and got a real job, I found myself having more cash than time - so lately I've been "outsourcing".
Thanks to Peter Berg and Jesper Anderson for the photos. Enjoy

Blood Bowl Handbook Teams

Emperors Wrath, Human Team

Painted by me. The oldest paint job in my collection, and the 3rd team I ever painted, if memory serves me. Standard 2nd ed. human team and ogre, with 3rd. ed. haflings added in as turn- and scoremarker. Quite worn, unfortunately.

Necksnappaz, Orc Team

Painted by my wife and me. Love makes you do crazy things. Standard 3rd ed. orc team, spiced up with some WFB minis, 2nd ed. snots and even a 40K boss as the team troll.

Deathwish, Dwarf Team

Painted by my wife and me. Kind of crazy idea - an "South Lands" all-slayer team. Just two 3rd. ed. slayers and a 2nd ed. ogre - the rest are slayers from the Marauder range. The human is the infamous Wilson Quickfeeter from a season where we fiddled with rules for allies, and the ogre is a leftover from previous editions - now he serves as the team deathroller - I'm not very fond of the official deathrollers.

Vermintide, Skaven Team

Yay - as a present to myself for finishing my collection, I recently replaced the team I liked the least: A poorly painted skaven team I got suckered into buying on ebay. My new team was created from a single plastic Night Runner regiment. Did the poses myself, but the painting was left to Got a rat ogre on the way, but time flies with 2 kids and a job...

Righteous Fury, High Elf Team

High elf team made from chronopia elves - painted by me. Originally for house ruled high AV elfs, but I think they add some flavour to the bland BB high elfs. My mates tease me about the paint job - but I wanted them to be this "pure": Just white and silver... Maybe some dipping is in their future?

Lethal Desires, Dark Elf Team

Standard 12 man 3rd ed. team with standard dark elf colour scheme bought painted on ebay. I painted the rest, and did quite a bit of touching up - including the extremely white skin.

DeathZone Teams

Force of Nature, Wood Elf Team

Painted by me, way back in the day. Standard 2nd ed. team with a Marauder treeman. The 2nd oldest team in my collection - I think. I wanted to break with the idea that elfs are nancies in green leotards, so I tried to make them and their treeman dark and deadly, including masks, leather and lots of tattoos.

Uzkulag Dum Dawi, Chaos Dwarf Team

13 guys bought painted on ebay. I've touched them up, and added 2 hobgobs and the minotaur. Notice the hat-swap on one Bull Centaur - the Chaos Dwarf on the left must surely be the team captain.

Deadly Recipe, Halfling Team

Mixture of 2nd and 3rd ed. miniatures, all painted by me. I was going for the innocent look here. They look like they're playing BB in their jammies

Shinkickas, Goblin Team

Gobbo team with lots of extras - painted by me. Gobbos have been my big BB love since before 3rd ed., and this is by far my largest team. Lots of 2nd and 3rd ed. miniatures, along with some slightly converted squig hoppers and a head coach from WFB.

Animal Urges, Chaos Team

Beastman themed chaos team, created from a plastic beastman regiment and some plastic wolves. painted by Frey Nielsen. (And a big fat Keeper of Secrets, painted by me). For CWs I've created homemade Centigors with the wolf bodies and a bit of greenstuff - the combination of shortage of funds and a neat idea.

Vigour Mortis, Undead Team

Bit of a Jigsaw team: I bought the mummies painted. My brother painted the ghouls and skellies for WFB, and I just added the team colours. Then Goonerz (TBB) painted the zombies to match. Finally, I painted the wights - I love those ghosts, as you can also see on my necro team.

 LRB Era Teams

Afterlife Unlimited, Vampire Team

Vampire team painted by Goonerz (TBB). I just did a few details, like the super pale skin and the bitemarks on the vampirettes. Having already used thrall miniatures for my Bretonnian team, I wanted something different for my vampire team. One hideous Strigoi vampire, served by ghoul "thralls" and 5 sired maidens is what I came up with.

Meat Puppets, Necromantic Team

Necro team mostly painted by As I already had an undead team, I wanted to use different miniatures, so these are mostly old WFB Nighthorror minis. The ghouls painted for WFB by my brother (again, Because I loathe Gary Morleys hideous "man-boobs of doom" ghouls) and adapted by me. The Wights were also done by me.

Immortals, Khemri Team

As I don't much care for the official Khemri miniatures, I did this one with BB mummies, plastic skeletons, and skaven & lizardman skeletons from the Cursed Company for the skeleton positionals. All of them were painted by Goonerz.

Al' Saurîm, Lizardman Team

Lizardman team painted by me. I did this team before the official BB team came out, so I had to use WFB miniatures. Rather than the usual green or rainbow teams, I decided to do them as lizards from the desert - the Arabyans call them Al' Saurîm. Not too happy with having to use a second Krox as a saurus.

Frostbite, Norse Team

Standard 3rd ed. Norse team with a few extras - a Thrud and a Heresy Boris as the teams Barbarians (i.e. Ulfwereners) + a WFB Yeethee, and a 2nd ed. Wilhelm Chaney. Basic paint job by my wife and me several years ago. Then I finished it as my last full team paintjob.

Ztar of the Tzar, Amazon Team

Kislev themed amazon team, painted by a friend of a friend. I positively hate GW's amazons, so I used Phil's Phigs valkyries - even though they do have suspiciously short arms.

Creeping Mold, Nurgle’s Rotters Team

OK - this one is a bit of a stretch: I had a handful of painted old GW dryads, and I really like their look - so these are subbing as a Nurgle's Rotters team. The 8 positionals were painted by me, while the treeman/beast and the remaining dryads were painted to match by

Poetic Justice, Elf Team

Standard 16 man Elf team bought painted on ebay. Then touched up quite a bit by me. But that's what you get, when you're broke and still want to buy stuff.

Omnivores, Ogre Team

The last team I got painted - finishing my collection. That, and the fact that I'm a gobbo at heart, meant I had to splash a bit: So it's probably my most expensive team. 2nd ed. snotlings and all of the four 2nd ed. trolls - all painted by

BBRC Teams

Twisted Souls, Chaos Pact Team

Chaos Pact team, based on the 2nd ed. chaos players. 12 marauders were painted by Frederik Rønn, and I painted the rest (though the mino was bought part-painted on ebay). A long-legged marauder is subbing as the skaven, and another is subbing as the dark elf.

Spawn, Slann Team

Fortunately for me, we've used homemade rules for slann teams as far back as 1996, where ancient WFB slann models could still be purchased from GW mail order. Painted as a team effort by me, Jakob Lærkes and Michael Werliin - inspired by colourful poisonous frogs. Kroxigor bought half painted on ebay much later.

Wicked Alliance, Underworld Team

I already had both a skaven and a goblin team, so I wanted to use different minis for my creepers team. I also wanted a theme uniting the allies - and found it when I bought the painted plastic night gobbos on ebay. I then bought some plastic plaguemonks, which painted to match. The warptroll is from Heresy, and was painted by me. They're one of my favourite teams both to play and to look at.

Cyanide Teams

Force Majeure, Bretonnian Team

I originally had a Bretonnian team converted from WFB knights and militiamen - but after discussion on the internet, I wanted a team that looked more Blood Bowl and less army. The 3rd ed. human team combined with 3rd ed. thralls (with dirty and rusty kit) serves as a pretty good proxy. The team was painted by

Total Annihilation, Daemons of Khorne Team

Being a collector I eventually had to have Cyanides Khorne team. When I won a magnificent painted Minotaur as the Stunty Cup in the Danish Championships of 2014 I had my starting point. Everything else is GW plastics. The grey, black and purple color theme is different from most Khorne teams, but I really like those black bloodletters. Didn’t have much success with the team on the pitch, but at least they look good. Paintjob by

Homemade Teams

Eternal Contract, Daemon Team

Daemon team, which my old league has been using in different incarnations for for years and years. Looking at my whole collection online, my previous painted team looked rather sad – so when I ordered the plastics and paint job for my new Khorne Daemons team, I also got myself a new Daemon team. They’re all straight Warhammer plastics with the occasional weapon snip. Painted by WFB plastics and weapon snips. Actually, this is the only work by paintedfigs that has slightly missed the mark. I wanted both the daemonettes and the bloodletters to have a more purple tinge, giving the team a more unified look. Ah well…

Daemon Teams








Foul Appearance, Thick Skull









Regeneration, Extra Arms









Claws, No Hands











ReRolls: 70K, Only horrors do not require doubles to take mutations.

Guilty Pleasures, Tilean Team

Our Tilean team, inspired by the Tilean merchant princess from the Dogs of War WFB army. The team was painted by me, but for minis I gave the Tilean team a white slavery twist. The linemen are the slavers, and the positionals are lovely ivory beauties. Most of these are from Phil's Phigs, but the amazon, the ogre, Zara and the dwarfs are GW models

Tilean Teams


Tilean Linemen






Sure Hands



Allies: Human, Dwarf, Elf, Amazon, Norse.
The team is allowed to spend a maximum of 500K on players or mercenaries (but no journeymen) from the allied team lists. However, no duplicates may be hired.

ReRolls: 80K,