The 13th Circle
Virtual Sealed Deck INWO

The 13th circle has existed for several years, and right from the start we've been playing constructed deck INWO. However, shortly after the beginning of the new millenium, we found ourselves short of time, and we had to shelf our plans for world domination.

But now, after a 2 year hiatus, the 13th circle has reconvened. Though we occasionally play INWO Deckathon games, the real reason for our return to the game is the virtual sealed deck format. The format is perfect for secret masters who haven't got the time to construct well thought out decks, who've got card collections too big to keep track of, and who are more than a little tired of seeing every plot cancelled and every victory stopped by interesting times.

Virtual sealed deck is a lot like standard sealed deck, ecxept that your sealed deck consists of a virtually generated card list, that can then be picked out from your existing collection. We prefer the same deck size that is used in a maxed out INWO OMNI deck, i.e. 1 starter pack ( 2 x 55 cards), 2 assassins boosters and 16 subgenius cards.
The deck generator essential to playing this format was originally constructed by Marc Sherman - but is now hosted by me, so don't go after Marc if something is wrong.

In our group, each player is allowed to have 2 active virtual "decks" (i.e. card collections) at any one time. One is his "OMNI" deck. This is the players permanent deck, which he may return to whenever he wants to. The second deck is his Sealed deck, which he must use at least 1 time once generated, but can scrap at any point after that. Once a new Sealed deck has been generated, the player may not return to his previous Sealed deck(s).

The OMNI deck is generated after slightly different rules than the Sealed deck. When creating the OMNI deck the player must first declare that this is indeed going to be his OMNI deck, after which he generates the starter set, and the 2 assassins boosters. The player must then remove 16 cards from his starter set, to make room for all of the assassins cards. Subsequently, the player generates 16 subgenius cards, and again he must make room for all of them by removing 16 other cards from his existing virtual deck.

When generating any Sealed deck, the player simply generates all of the cards at the same time, and doesn't have to remove any to make room for others.

Finally, whether generating an OMNI or Sealed deck, we allow the player to add a single card from a special table. The table is consulted by rolling 2 normal 6 sided dice, one after the other. The table contains all of the german uniques, all of the cards that have been available solely through magazines, as well as 10 homemade cards, taken from this list.
The original reason for creating the table was to make every single official card available, and the homebrews were added to fill out the empty slots in the table. Naturally, when playing in a virtual format, you have to allow for proxies - check out Gary's Card Database.

To make it possible to develop new decks and strategies with your virtual collections, we play with a virtual ante. Each player participating in the game must bet 1-3 cards from the collection (OMNI or Sealed) which he used to construct the deck for this game. The winner adds all of these cards to his cardlist.

So, as previously mentioned, we are finally back on track - and if you find that don't have enough time for playing INWO, then perhaps you should try out the format (or the Deckathon) too.