A really good INWO game can go on for quite a long time. When such a long games end in a crescendo of action and desperate victory bids, and one player finally outwits his rivals, then there are smiles even on the faces of the unfortunate losers. But should such a game ends in a stalemate, the experience is somewhat less satisfying. These 4 decks were designed with the intent that they would never run out of steam or options. Each has a massive slurp bonus, and in case this obvious scheme is foiled, each has a contingency plan that can be completed even when half of their power structure has been blown away. Finally, all of them have potential for a shared victory.

Deck Construction

The decks are built assuming four players, automatic takeovers, and a basic goal of eleven groups.

When deciding on which Illuminatis to use, I avoided the ones with doubler goals. This is because I like big power structures, and all the possibilities that come with them. For the same reason, I'm not using doubler goal cards either. With the unique scenario of knowing the contents of all 4 decks, I chose Bermuda and Shangri-La, then Adepts for their built-in +6 to control magic groups, and finally UFOs, because the remaining choices simply looked too big compared to the illuminatis that I had settled on.

Deck Description

Each deck description follows a standard format. It opens with a single sentence describing your little corner of the conspiracy. This is followed by the card lists - Illuminati, Groups, and Plots. The Strategy section describes the feel of the deck in game terms, points out important card combinations or foes, and suggests possible leads. Preferably, each player should have a print-out of his deck description and deck list available to him before the game begins.

General Guidelines

The strategy sections describe unique and interesting features of each deck, but most of the advice given in The INWO Book also applies. Make sure you also check the latest errata and rules changes at http://www.sjgames.com/inwo/errata/.

Flexibility is vital. There is no guarantee that you will get the cards you really want, so make the best of what you do get.

At the end of this document you'll find a card listing of all of the cards in this deck set, sorted by card type, and within that sorted alphabetically. This should make it easier to construct the decks from a One With Everything set.

1. Anarchists of Hermes

You are an Adept of Hermes, part of an anarchistic branch of the ancient organization.

Deck Listing

   Adepts of Hermes

   Cattle Mutilators 
   Comic Books 
   Count Dracula 
   Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow 
   Reformed Church of Satan 
   South American Nazis 
   Book of Kells 
   The Library at Alexandria 
   18 1/2-Minute Gap 
   Albino Alligators 
   Annual Convention 
   Celebrity Spokesman 
   Charismatic Leader 
   Computer Virus 
   Cover of Darkness 
   Crop Circles 
   Full Moon 
   Harmonica Virgins 
   Hat Trick 
   Jake Day 
   Let's Get Organized 
   Mutual Betrayal 
   New Blood 
   Plague of Demons 
   Terrorist Nuke 
   The Stars are Right 
   The Weak Link 
   The Weird Turn Pro 
   Unlucky 13 
   Withering Curse 
   Goal: Up Against the Wall 
   NWO: Don't Forget to Smash the State 
   NWO: Solidarity 
   NWO: World Hunger 


Like all of your rivals, you have a big bonus to control, so even though none of you have a doubler goal, the basic goal should be within reach. Should this fail you each have a plan B that will allow you to win with pretty few groups controlled. You have +6 to control magic groups, which can be boosted to +11 with Library at Alexandria. This bonus is actually less than your rivals, but don't worry, you have the added speed of letting your magic resources count as controlled groups. The control bonus only applies to 4 groups, but you have +5 to control 3 other groups, and SMOF will give a further +2 against most of your group deck.

Comic Books is a good lead, because it has a good shot at taking over your weird magic groups and weird violent groups. C.I.A. can also be used as a lead, because of it's sheer power. Either way, boost the power of Comic Books when you can, it will serve you well. Cattle Mutilators, Psychiatrists and Wargamers work very well together as plot killers, but don't bring out all of these low power groups without any back-up. South American Nazis can both control and beef up Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow.

Book of Kells and Necronomicon can be used on the same magic group to good effect, especially if that group has received an increase in power. Just remember that linking your magic resources to a group also means that you run the risk of having them destroyed along with that group. Finally, the Soulburner can be taken over by the Evil Geniuses special ability, perhaps securing an easy take over of that all important 11th group - unless ofcourse you need it earlier on.

As for plots Cover of Darkness can be used to steal a rivals magic resource that you've just destroyed with Hex. Computer Virus (and W.I.TC.H.) can protect the user of the Necronomicon, but can also affect a rivals suicide squad, perhaps persuading him to point it elsewhere? (In which case a Cover of Darkness might again be useful - repeat with Hat Trick). Let's Get Organized is best used on Comic Books. Jake Day can be used on Count Dracula, but can also be used for a predatorial attack, in which case S.M.O.F. can soften up your target first. Annual Convention, Plague of Demons and Withering Curse can all be boosted by magic action, so increasing the power of a single magic group into the two-digit range may prove very worthwhile when attempting to achieve victory by Up Against the Wall. Solidarity is nice because Comic Books can ignore it, while the remaining two NWOs will seriously decrease the power of your rivals. Playing these at the right time may prove instrumental to your victory.

Remember, you might achieve a shared victory, (most likely with Shangri-La), by trading 1 group for 2 magic resources, bringing you both closer to the basic goal.

2. Deep Green Sea

You serve the Bermuda Triangle, while trying to stay conscious of the environment.

Deck Listing

   The Bermuda Triangle

   Al Gore 
   Anti-Nuclear Activists 
   Big Media 
   Black Activists 
   Moral Minority 
   Princess Di 
   Saturday Morning Cartoons 
   Semiconscious Liberation Army 
   Underground Newspapers 
   Midas Mill 
   Suicide Squad
   Agent in Place 
   Benefit Concert 
   Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat 
   Eat the Rich! 
   Head in a Jar 
   Let's Get REALLY Organized 
   Liberal Agenda 
   Mob Influence 
   Power Corrupts 
   Privileged Attack 
   Pulitzer Prize 
   Resistance is Useless! 
   Save the Whales 
   Seize the Time! 
   Stealing the Plans 
   The Big Sellout 
   Tidal Wave 
   Goal: The Hand of Madness 
   NWO: A Thousand Points of Light 
   NWO: Political Correctness 
   NWO: World War Three 


Like all of your rivals, you have a big bonus to control, so even though none of you have a doubler goal, the basic goal should be within reach. Should this fail you each have a plan B that will allow you to win with pretty few groups controlled. You can quickly attain a +5 to control liberal groups (+9 if you count the alignment bonus), and a further +4 to control green groups is within reach. Two of these green groups even have a huge bonus to control the remaining ones, and you can keep their control arrows open be using Bermudas ability to reorganize for free.

Lead with Feminists, Canada or Al Gore, depending on your plot hand, in order to hit the ground running. Remember that you only have 5 green groups, so you may want to save some for that last burst of speed towards the basic goal. A basic goal victory may be your fastest option, but if the opportunity presents itself, a Bermuda illuminated victory may take your rivals by surprise. Keep Semiconscious Liberation Army and Moral Minority in reserve for this, as these will give you a lot of alignments in one fell swoop.

If you get battered on your way to the basic goal, the Bermuda victory is still open to you. Organize your multi alignment groups close to your illuminati, and play power-ups and alignment creating plots, to establish a hard core with high power and many alignments. Again, Moral Minority and possibly Semiconscious Liberation Army can provide those last alignments when you need them.
Don't bring out Moral Minority until you are sure of winning, as a conservative group will be very hard to steal from someone else.

You have quite a few plots that will help you make a predatorial attack, in order to steal a cluster of groups, or a group with some key alignments. Playing a Liberal Agenda on the target first will make the attack much more likely to succeed. You may also attempt to achieve the Hand of Madness. Saturday Morning Cartoons should be kept in reserve for this ruse. Once you've destroyed the necessary peaceful groups, bring it out and play Let's Get REALLY Organized immediately, in order to generate a lot of Violent Groups. Big Sellout is very expensive. Only use it in an emergency, and only to get 1-2 extra tokens. Mob Influence can only be played on the Semiconscious Liberation Army, but Power Corrupts will make another group an eligible target. Epidemic can break up a rivals victory after it has been declared. Mothers March can help you against any attack to destroy, even an instant one. A Thousand Points of Light will make you grow quicker, while Political Correctness will boost your power tremendously - useful early on, but if used late in the game, it might be the last red NWO to hit the table.

Remember, if you are going for the Bermuda goal, you may achieve a shared victory by swapping 2 groups with alignments that you've already got, for a rivals group with the alignments that you need to complete your goal.

3. World Peace

You are an agent of Shangri-La, ensuring world peace by taking over the entire planet.

Deck Listing


   Bill Clinton 
   Gay Activists 
   United Nations 
   Vatican City 
   Ark of the Covenant 
   Rogue Boomer 
   The Holy Grail 
   Air Magic 
   Are We Having Fun Yet? 
   Assertiveness Training 
   Deasil Engine 
   Early Warning 
   Emergency Powers 
   Freaking the Mundanes 
   Kinder and Gentler 
   Martial Law 
   Murphy's Law 
   Nobel Peace Prize 
   Savings & Loan Scam 
   Senate Investigating Committee 
   Sweepstakes Prize 
   Talisman of Ahrimanes 
   The Auditor from Hell 
   Volunteer Aid 
   World Cup Victory 
   Goal: Kill for Peace 
   NWO: Chicken in Every Pot 
   NWO: Energy Crisis 
   NWO: Military Industrial Complex 
   NWO: Peace in Our Time 


Like all of your rivals, you have a big bonus to control, so even though none of you have a doubler goal, the basic goal should be within reach. Should this fail you each have a plan B that will allow you to win with pretty few groups controlled. With United Nations, NATO a Rogue Boomer and the matching alignment, you can achieve an astounding +19 bonus to control all your government nations. While this is the biggest slurp bonus in the game, which also applies to the most groups, you do have the problem of losing tokens (and possibly groups) to your rivals disasters.

Bill Clinton, NATO and United Nations all make good leads, though United Nations is probably best saved till later, because it isn't easy to protect. NATO is probably your best bet, since it's bonus applies to all your attacks, whereas Bills just applies to his own. Frances ability to protect liberal groups may help keep United Nations alive, just remember to boost their power as much as possible (perhaps with a Dictatorship). China should not be made a direct puppet of your illuminati, as it's defense against disasters will help strengthen one arm of your power structure. The Vatican should only be used for achieving the basic goal in an emergency, as it is hard to protect once in play. It is better used as a surprise increase in peaceful power, if you are going for the Shangri-La special goal.
Protect Japan with the Holy Grail - you do not want to lose Japan!

If your initial slurp fails, you may pull off a surprise Shangri-La special win. This, and only this, is what the Gay Activists are for. If there is a good amount of peaceful power in play, ATO the Gays (possible backed up by a Freaking the Mundanes), and reverse the alignment of the 2 biggest violent groups you can find. The Messiah, or the Necronomicon on a violent magic group, make excellent targets for this. Kinder and Gentler will also help you pull this off.

Since you may very well be forced to rely on this back-up goal, remember to innocently help protect your rivals peaceful groups. Air Magic, Early Warning, Volunteer Aid and Talisman of Ahrimanes may all be used to protect such groups from instant attacks. Also, trading your Nobel Peace Prize to someone else may end up helping yourself. Alternatively, you may try to Kill for Peace. Assertiveness Training will provide you with a target, preferably a personality, as this is the only way you can use your Sniper, short of trading it to someone else. There will be plenty of violent groups around, but if the pickings are slim, you might destroy some of your own groups. This seppuku option can be augmented by use of your own Ark of the Covenant, or if someone else plays World War 3, your violent nations can wipe out each other. As for the NWOs, World Hunger and Don't Forget to Smash the State will cripple you. You've got 2 blue NWOs for removing World Hunger, while Don't Forget to Smash the State can be countered with Chicken in Every Pot, and besides, you won't be alone in wanting Don't Forget to Smash the State removed from play.

Remember that when going for the Shangri-La win, you don't really need to control more than 1 group yourself, so maybe a shared victory is an option. You might also cut a deal with Bermuda, since you have the ability to alter a lot of alignments for (or against) him.

4. Space Vampires

You are an elusive UFO-naut, a devious space vampire to be precise.

Deck Listing


   Clone Arrangers 
   Dan Quayle 
   Empty Vee 
   George Bush 
   Margaret Thatcher 
   Nancy Reagan 
   Professional Sports 
   Punk Rockers 
   Ronald Reagan 
   Ross Perot 
   Crystal Skull 
   Flying Saucer 
   Perpetual Motion Machine 
   Atomic Monster 
   Car Bomb 
   Citizenship Award 
   Giant Kudzu 
   Good Polls 
   Grassroot Support 
   Hidden Influence 
   Just Say No 
   Logic Bomb 
   March on Washington 
   Mass Murder 
   Miracle Diet Plan 
   Read My Lips 
   Servants of Cthulhu  
   Slush Fund 
   Straighten Up 
   Sweeping Reforms 
   Voodoo Economics 
   Goal: Fratricide 
   Goal: Let Them Eat Cake 
   NWO: Bigger Business 
   NWO: Fear and Loathing 
   NWO: Law and Order 


Like all of your rivals, you have a big bonus to control, so even though none of you have a doubler goal, the basic goal should be within reach. Should this fail you each have a plan B that will allow you to win with pretty few groups controlled. Your control bonus will take a little longer to set up than that of your rivals, but once ready, it is huge. Once everything is in place, the vampires will have a staggering +20 to control your straight conservative personalities.

Clone Arrangers is probably your best all round lead, but if you happen to have Straighten up on your starting hand, lead with the Vampires instead. Your first objectives are to get Professional Sports, Clone Arrangers and Vampires into play, and to make the Vampires straight. If you don't have Straighten Up, you can make the Vampires a puppet of Ross Perot, but this will probably mean that he won't become a Vampire - in which case he needs to be protected by the Flying Saucer, and should perhaps be made the Professional Sports commentator too.

Once you've accomplished this, you should be able to bring your personalities into play very quickly. With the right timing, you could grab them all in a turn or two. Remember that any personality taken over by the vampires will be unkillable, except by magic. Any non-vampires in your power structure can be recreated by the Clone Arrangers if somebody manages to kill them. As for the remaining groups, A.M.A. is good for protecting the Clone Arrangers, if placed as their puppet, while Empty Vee, (preferably a puppet of Ross Perot), will increase the power of your personalities.

If you fail to slurp your way to victory, push may very well come to shove between you and the Bermuda player. He may have more power than you, but you have a secret weapon: The Punk Rockers. Placed as a puppet of Ross Perot they will be ideal for starting an attack against him, and will make him practically unable to defend the target. Even so, you may find it hard to accomplish your Let Them Eat Cake goal - in which case you should just shoot up any viable targets, and eventually unmask as the Servants of Cthulhu. Unmask too early, and your rivals will surely put an and to your destruction spree, but on the other hand, Cthulhus bonus to destroy may be hard to do without.

If you're all thwarted in reaching the basic goal, things might very well degenerate into a shooting gallery. In this case, you might actually pull off a Fratricide. Other noteworthy plots include Censorship, which can be used both for controlling and destroying, Hidden Influence, which is ideal for playing on the Clone Arrangers, and Straighten Up, which in case you didn't use it early on, can make a rivals group easier to steal. Look out for the NWO Don't Forget to Smash the State. You have two yellow NWOs yourself, and though it may be tempting to play them for that instant power increase, it might be better to hang on to them just to make sure that you have the means to remove Don't Forget to Smash the State.

Finally, remember that if you do unmask as Cthulhu, perhaps someone might be interested in helping you get rid of the other two rivals - once you've given him your Fratricide goal.

What follows is a card listing of all of the cards in this deck set, sorted by card type, and within that sorted alphabetically. This should make it easier to construct the decks from a One With Everything set. The columns below are a single digit representing the deck:

1 - Anarchists of Hermes (Adepts of Hermes)
2 - Deep Green Sea (Bermuda Triangle)
3 - World Peace (Shangri-La)
4 - Space Vampires (UFOs)

followed by a code (usually one letter) representing the card type: G=group, R=resouce, P=plot, I=illuminati, NWO=New World Order, and so on. Note that if extra Illuminati cards are present in the deck as plot cards they are listed with the plots. This allows you to go through the OWE set and place the cards into nine piles (plus a pile of unused cards), saving a lot of time. Note that the order here isn't necessarily the same as in the INWO book, and cards starting with "The" are listed under "T" in this listing.

4 G A.M.A.
2 G Al Gore
- G American Autoduel Association
2 G Anti-Nuclear Activists
- G Antiwar Activists
- G B.A.T.F
- G Bank of England
2 G Big Media
3 G Bill Clinton
- G Bjorne
2 G Black Activists
- G Boy Sprouts
- G Brazil
1 G C.I.A.
- G Cable TV
2 G California
2 G Canada
1 G Cattle Mutilators
- G Center for Disease Control
3 G China
- G Church of Elvis
4 G Clone Arrangers
1 G Comic Books
- G Congressional Wives
- G Conspiracy Theorists
1 G Count Dracula
- G Cycle Gangs
4 G Dan Quayle
- G Democrats
- G Dentists
- G Deprogrammers
- G Dinosaur Park
- G Druids
- G E.F.F.
- G Eco-Guerrillas
- G Elders of Zion
- G Elvis
4 G Empty Vee
3 G England
1 G Evil Geniuses for a Better Tomorrow
- G F.B.I.
- G Fast Food Chains
- G Federal Reserve
2 G Feminists
- G Fidel Castro
- G Fiendish Fluoridators
3 G Finland
- G Flat Earthers
- G Fnord Motor Company
3 G France
- G Fraternal Orders
- G Fred Birch Society
3 G Gay Activists
4 G George Bush
- G Germany
- G Girlie Magazines
- G Goldfish Fanciers
- G Gordo Remora
- G Gun Lobby
1 G Hackers
- G Hawaii
- G Hillary Clinton
- G Hitler's Brain
- G Hollywood
- G I.R.S.
- G Imelda Marcos
- G Intellectuals
- G International Communist Conspiracy
- G International Weather Organization
- G International Cocaine Smugglers
3 G Israel
- G Italy
3 G Japan
- G Jimmy Hoffa
- G Joggers
- G Junk Mail
- G L-4 Society
- G Las Vegas
- G Lawyers
- G Libertarians
- G Liquor Companies
- G Loan Sharks
- G Local Police Departments
- G Madison Avenue
- G Manuel Noriega
4 G Margaret Thatcher
- G Media Sensation
- G MI-5
- G Moonbase
- G Moonies
2 G Moral Minority
- G Mossad
- G Multinational Oil Companies
- G N.S.A.
4 G Nancy Reagan
- G Nephews of God
- G New York
- G Ninjas
- G Nuclear Power Companies
- G Offshore Banks
- G Ollie North
- G Orbit One
- G Paranoids
- G Pentagon
- G Phone Company
- G Phone Phreaks
- G Pollsters
- G Post Office
- G Prince Charles
2 G Princess Di
4 G Professional Sports
1 G Psychiatrists
4 G Punk Rockers
- G Pyramid Marketing Schemes
- G Recording Industry
- G Red Cross
1 G Reformed Church/Satan
- G Religious Reich
- G Republicans
- G Rifkinites
- G Robot Sea Monsters
4 G Ronald Reagan
- G Rosicrucians
4 G Ross Perot
3 G Russia
1 G S.M.O.F.
- G Saddam Hussein
2 G Saturday Morning Cartoons
- G Savings and Loans
- G Science Fiction Fans
- G Secret Service
- G Secular Humanists
2 G Semiconscious Liberation Army
- G Silicon Valley
- G Society for Creative Anarchism
1 G South American Nazis
- G Stonehenge
- G Subliminals
- G Supreme Court
- G Survivalists
- G Switzerland
- G Tabloids
- G Telephone Psychics
- G Templars
- G Texas
- G The Great Pyramid
- G The Mafia
- G The Men in Black
- G Tobacco Companies
- G Trading Card Games
- G Trekkies
- G Triliberal Commission
- G TV Preachers
2 G Underground Newspapers
3 G United Nations
- G Urban Gangs
4 G Vampires
3 G Vatican City
- G Video Games
- G Voudonistas
1 G W.I.T.C.H.
- G Wall Street
1 G Wargamers
- R Angel's Feather
3 R Ark of the Covenant
- R Bigfoot
1 R Book of Kells
- R Bronze Head
- R Center for Weird Studies
- R Clipper Chip
4 R Crystal Skull
- R Cyborg Soldiers
- R Death Mask
- R Earthquake Projector
- R Eliza
4 R Flying Saucer
- R Hallucinations
- R Hammer of Thor
- R Hidden City
- R Immortality Serum
1 R Library at Alexandria
- R Loch Ness Monster
- R Mercenaries
2 R Midas Mill
1 R Necronomicon
- R Orbital Mind Control Lasers
4 R Perpetual Motion Machine
- R Principia Discordia
3 R Rogue Boomer
- R Shroud of Turin
1 R Soulburner
- R Spear of Longinus
2 R Suicide Squad
- R The Frog God
3 R The Holy Grail
- R Warehouse 23
- R Weather Satellite
- I Adepts of Hermes
- I Gnomes of Zurich
4 I Servants of Cthulhu
- I Shangri-La
- I The Bavarian Illuminati
- I The Bermuda Triangle
- I The Discordian Society
- I The Network
- I UFOs
- Goal: Criminal Overlords
4 Goal: Fratricide
- Goal: Hail Eris!
3 Goal: Kill for Peace
4 Goal: Let Them Eat Cake!
- Goal: Power for its Own Sake
- Goal: Power to the People
- Goal: The Corporate Masters
2 Goal: The Hand of Madness
1 Goal: Up Against the Wall
2 NWO: A Thousand Points of Light
4 NWO: Bigger Business
3 NWO: Chicken in Every Pot
1 NWO: Don't Forget to Smash the State
3 NWO: Energy Crisis
4 NWO: Fear and Loathing
- NWO: Gun Control
4 NWO: Law and Order
3 NWO: Military-Industrial Complex
3 NWO: Peace in Our Time
2 NWO: Political Correctness
1 NWO: Solidarity
- NWO: Tax Reform
2 NWO: World War Three
1 NWO: World Hunger
1 P 18 1/2 Minute Gap
2 P Agent in Place
3 P Air Magic
1 P Albino Alligators
- P An Offer You Can't Refuse
- P And STAY Dead!
1 P Angst
1 P Annual Convention
3 P Are We Having Fun Yet?
3 P Assertiveness Training
4 P Atomic Monster
2 P Backlash
- P Bank Merger
2 P Benefit Concert
- P Bimbo at Eleven
2 P Blitzkrieg
2 P Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat
4 P Bodyguard
- P Botched Contact
- P Bribery
4 P Car Bomb
1 P Celebrity Spokesman
4 P Censorship
1 P Charismatic Leader
4 P Citizenship Award
- P Cold Fusion
- P Combined Disasters
- P Commitment
- P Computer Security
1 P Computer Virus
2 P Corruption
4 P Counterspell
1 P Cover of Darkness
- P Cover-Up
1 P Crop Circles
- P Currency Speculation
3 P Deasil Engine
- P Deep Agent
3 P Dictatorship
- P Dollars for Decency
- P Double-Cross
3 P Early Warning
- P Earth Magic
- P Earthquake
2 P Eat the Rich!
- P Embezzlement
3 P Emergency Powers
2 P Epidemic
2 P Exposed!
- P Flower Power
- P Fnord
- P Foiled!
3 P Freaking the Mundanes
1 P Full Moon
- P Fundie Money
- P Gang War
- P George the Janitor
4 P Giant Kudzu
4 P Good Polls
4 P Grassroots Support
3 P Gremlins
1 P Harmonica Virgins
1 P Hat Trick
2 P Head in a Jar
1 P Hex
4 P Hidden Influence
- P Hit and Run
- P Hoax
- P Hurricane
- P I Lied
- P Infobahn
- P Interference
1 P Jake Day
- P Jihad
4 P Just Say No
- P Ketchup is a Vegetable
3 P Kinder and Gentler
1 P Let's Get Organized
2 P Let's Get REALLY Organized
- P Let's You and Him Fight
2 P Liberal Agenda
4 P Logic Bomb
4 P March on Washington
- P Market Manipulation
3 P Martial Law
3 P Martyrs
4 P Mass Murder
- P Media Connections
2 P Messiah
- P Meteor Strike
4 P Miracle Diet Plan
- P Mistaken Identity
2 P Mob Influence
- P Monopoly
- P Mothers' March
3 P Murphy's Law
1 P Mutual Betrayal
- P Nationalization
- P Never Surrender
1 P New Blood
- P New Federal Budget
- P Nice Idea. It's Mine Now.
3 P Nobel Peace Prize
- P Nuclear Accident
- P Opportunity Knocks
1 P Plague of Demons
- P Pledge Drive
- P Poison
- P Power Grab
2 P Power Corrupts
2 P Privatization
2 P Privileged Attack
2 P Pulitzer Prize
- P Rain of Frogs
- P Reach Out . . .
4 P Read My Lips
- P Red Scare
- P Reload!
3 P Reorganization
2 P Resistance is Useless!
3 P Revolution!
- P Rewriting History
- P Sabotage
2 P Save the Whales
3 P Savings & Loan Scam
4 P Scandal
- P Secrets Man Was Not Meant to Know
2 P Seize the Time!
2 P Self-Esteem
3 P Senate Investigating Committee
- P Servants of Cthulhu
- P Servants of Cthulhu
- P Shangri-La
4 P Slush Fund
3 P Sniper
- P Spasm of Violence
2 P Stealing the Plans
- P Stock Split
4 P Straighten Up
- P Sucked Dry and Cast Aside!
4 P Sweeping Reforms
3 P Sweepstakes Prize
- P Swiss Bank Account
3 P Talisman of Ahrimanes
- P Tax Breaks
1 P Terrorist Nuke
3 P The Auditor from Hell
- P The Big Score
2 P The Big Sellout
- P The First Thing We Do, Let's Kill All The Lawyers
- P The Internet Worm
- P The Oregon Crud
- P The Second Bullet
1 P The Stars Are Right
1 P The Weak Link
1 P The Weird Turn Pro
2 P Tidal Wave
- P Time Warp
- P Tornado
1 P Unlucky 13 
4 P Unmasked!
- P Upheaval
4 P Volcano
3 P Volunteer Aid
4 P Voodoo Economics
- P Vultures
- P Whispering Campaign
1 P Withering Curse
3 P World Cup Victory