Virtual Sealed Deck Generator
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The Sealed Deck Generator allows you to create virtual sealed decks. As long as you have the cards in your collection, you can use the generator for booster draft games, OMNI style games or any other sealed scenario that you can think of.

So, if you're tired of playing maxed out decks, and want to get back to basics, you should definately try a sealed deck game.

[Fnord]'s Sealed Deck Generator

Unlimited Starter Set 2 decks, each of which had: 2 Illuminati, 2 Rares, 8 Uncommons, 22 Common Groups, 21 Common Plots, no duplicates allowed within one deck
Unlimited Booster 2 Rares, 4 Uncommons (1/24 of Uncommons is an Illuminati), 5 Common Groups, 5 Common Plots
Limited Booster 1 Rare, 3 Uncommons (no chance for Illuminati), either 5 Common Groups and 6 Common Plots or vice versa
Assassins Booster 1 Rare (1/10 of Rares is an Ultra-Rare), 2 Uncommons (1/25 of Uncommons is the Society of Assassins Illuminati), 5 Commons
OMNI Set 1 Starter Set (2 decks), 2 Assassins Booster Packs, 16 Subgenius cards (drawn randomly from a single deck)
Booster Draft 3 Unlimited boosters + 1 Assassins Booster for faked booster-draft.