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I've finally faced facts. I've got ideas for some potentially great (or not so great - but clever) decks - and I'll never get the time to build them all, let alone play them! Therefore, I've posted my crazy schemes here. Feel free to submit some of yours too.
Perhaps you can use one of these ideas in a game of your own.
Perhaps you might even make a write-up, and who knows, win yourself a deck of the week award.

A number of decks below are primarily defensive decks. These have their title written in red.
With Assassins came the Interesting Times card, SubGenius has Sultan of Slack, and the basic set had Upheaval. These 3 cards, especially Interesting Times, makes it very easy to foil a players shot at victory. This has made the game slower, giving players more time to build up a good defense. Also, in long games with big power structures, a strong defense may very well prove vital to securing the victory. (And once your defense is in place, perhaps an NWO: Australian Rules will motivate your rivals to beat up each other).

Pretty Solid Ideas

Not so solid Ideas