15 Homemade Cards

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These are my own homebrew cards. Most of them have entered the Card of the Week contest. Some of them have even won a prize. Enjoy. The cards are prioritized, indicating which cards I'd most want to see made official. An article on the Atlantis and Fasces Romanum illuminati have been published in Pyramid Magazine.

  1. Atlantis (illuminati): pow 7/7
    Graphics: A delicately decorated golden monolith, submerged and covered in seaweed.
    Ability: During your turn, you may expose 2 randomly selected plots from the hand of a rival.
    Goal: Control of groups with a total global power of 35 or more, including Atlantis' own global power, reduces your basic goal by 3. This goal may not be combined with any other goal.
  2. Crime is a Disease (yellow NWO):
    Crime is a disease - the patient may die during surgery.
    The criminal alignment is now considered opposite to government and vice versa. This does not affect governments relationship to corporate. All groups that are both government and criminal, lose the government alignment.
  3. Fundamentalism (yellow NWO):
    We are the chosen people. Chosen by us.
    anatic is no longer the opposite of fanatic; All fanatic groups are now considered to have the same alignment for all purposes. The fanatic alignment is instead considered opposite to government and vice versa. This does not affect governments relationship to corporate. All groups that are both government and fanatic, lose the government alignment.
  4. Fasces Romanum (illuminati): pow 9/9
    Graphics: 23 sticks, tied around an axe.
    Ability: You start your turn by drawing two group cards rather than just one.
    Goal: Any group counts double towards your total number of groups controlled, as long as none of your rivals control a group with higher permanent resistance.
  5. Out of Sight - Out of Mind (goal):
    Underestimating the opposition can be a fatal mistake.
    If any 8 groups you control have a total power of 8 or less, you may claim victory. Devastation will not prevent a devastated group or its puppets from counting towards this goal.
    As long as you have this goal exposed having a power of 0 will not prevent your groups from getting action tokens.
  6. Individuals are History (goal):
    Imagine if Hitler had been assassinated - imagine if JFK hadn't.
    The killing uf up to 3 personalities counts as 2 groups each towards your basic goal (or as 2 destroyed groups each for Cthulhu), but you may not count any other destroyed groups towards that goal. (And remember, no matter what, you can only count 3 cards double toward your basic goal.
    However, if you can kill 5 personalities, without destroying the moonbase, you may claim victory on that basis alone.
  7. Asylums (organization): weird, fanatic. Science. Power: 1, Resistance: 4. (In: T, Out: -).
    Monitoring the insane provides the illuminati with some pretty spectacular ideas!
    At any time, the Asylums may use its action to draw a randomly selected plot card from the discard pile of any rival. Add the card to your plot hand.
  8. The "I" in the Pyramid (goal):
    There is no "I" in "Team". But of you look real carefully there's a "me"!
    Controlling the group with the highest permanent power in play reduces your basic goal by 3. This goal may not be combined with any other goal.
  9. Omnicide (goal):
    "I came here to kick ass and chew gum - and I'm all out of gum."
    Destroy one group of each alignment. A group with more than one alignment counts for all its alignments. At least 6 of the 10 alignments must be from groups destroyed while controlled by your rivals.
  10. Kill Your Darlings (goal):
    "Killing "Bob" is just one of the paths to slack. In fact, destroying all that you hold dear, no matter what that may be, will produce a similar effect."
    You may count one group in your destroyed pile as a group controlled instead, either towards the basic goal or towards your illuminati goal. You may only count that group's printed values, except where modified by a new world order. This goal may not be combined with another goal card.
  11. Private Investigators (organization): straight. Power 2, Resistance 2. (In: T, Out: L)
    They can dig up the dirt on anyone.
    When you are entitled to draw a group card, you may spend Private Investigators action to look through your deck and pick the group you want.
  12. Teachers (organization): peaceful, straight. Power 2/1, Resistance 4. (In: T, Out: B)
    At their most impressionable age, kids spend more time with their teachers than with their parents.
    During your main phase, you may spend the teachers action and an illuminati action, to remove any one new world order from play.
  13. Public Libraries (organization): government. computer. Power: 1, Resistance: 5. (In: T, Out: B)
    We know what you read - we can guess what you'll think.
    At any time, you may spend the Public Libraries action, to expose 1 randomly selected plot from the hand of a rival. The plot can not be hidden by any means. If it is returned to a deck, it is done so face up.
  14. Stock Analysts (organization): corporate. computer. bank. Power: 2, Resistance: 4. (In: T, Out: L, R)
    They can calculate the result of a hostile takeover.
    Whenever the Stock Analysts participate in an attack, you may roll 2 dice. The result will also be the outcome of roll for the attack. The result may be manipulated at the end of the attack as normal.
  15. Ancient Truths (goal):
    Having something for everyone never goes out of fashion.
    Control a total Power of 35, including your Illuminatis own Power, and groups carrying at least 10 different attributes. A group with more than 1 attribute counts for all of its attributes. You may only count one of the attributes huge, coastal or nation toward this goal.
  16. Blood Banks (organization): peaceful, corporate. Bank. Power: 2, Resistance: 5. (In: T, Out: L)
    B Positive? No sorry, we're fresh out.
    The Blood Banks may spend their action to add 4 or subtract 4 from any assassination, but must do so before the dice are rolled. This ability may be used to interfere in an assassination powered by the voudonistas.
  17. Book of Spells (unique magic artifact):
    "Say, why is that man in the pointy hat doing sign Language?". *ZAP!*
    Any exposed plot card in your hand, that requires magic action, does not count against your limit.
  18. Internet Access (gadget): ACTION.
    Information wants to be free.
    Link this card to any group you control. That group gains the computer attribute. If the group was naturally computer, then you may spend Internet Access' action token at any time, except during an attack, to add any one attribute to the group, until the end of the present turn.
  19. Technomancer (goal):
    Where does he get those wonderful toys?
    Each Gadget Resource you control, beyond the first, counts as one group toward the Basic Goal. This Goal cannot be combined with other Goals in any way.