Lustria Open 6

***Did You Know?***
Lustria Open 6 was a return to the glory days of the prestigious tournament, with 28 attending teams.
Suprisingly, the trophy was not won by one of the many veteran teams, but by a the undead team
Blue and Yellow. Many a grizzled veteran is hoping for the return of Blue and Yellow for Lustria Open 7,
so that they can get a second shot at leaving the team blue and yellow with bruises.

These are the results of the Lustria Open 6 tournament, held in may 2005.
Tournament Format:
Lustria Open 6 was the 14th CTR tournament, and was played using the LRB4 rules. The format used was "resurrection" - which means that all teams are 'reset' between games. Also, teams started with 4 skills (1 doubles) and gained one additional skill advance for a yet un-advanced player before each match. Coaches had 1.100.000 for buying their team, and no star players could be bought. Wizards were 100K.

You can see the current version of the rules that were used here: Copenhagen Tournament Rules. This is also where you can see the special team lists. The player and skill selection of the top 4 teams can be seen by clicking their coach's name in the results table below.

Ranking: A total of 6 matches were played using "swiss draw" distribution - meaning that after assigning the first match randomly, remaining match-ups were found by pitting coaches against rivals with a similar score, (based on previous games). Coaches got +4 points for each win, +2 for each draw, +2 for each 1-TD loss, +1 for a bigger loss, and 0 for conceding.

Lustria Open 6 - Results
Results: W=win, D=draw, L=1-TD loss, BL=bigger loss, C=conceded.

Place Race Head Coach Results Final
1. Blue and Yellow
Jonas Lindberg w,w,w,l,w,w 22
2. Baltimore Skavens
Poul Piepgrass l,w,w,w,d,w 20
3. Sleepers
Rogue Elf
Jakob Garde w,w,w,w,d,l 20
4. Kroxigor Amox
Pelle Esbensen w,l,l,w,w,w 20
5. Basement Marauders
Søren Sjøholm l,w,w,bl,w,w 19
5. Seattle Swoopers
Dark Elf
Marcus Gehrcke w,w,d,w,bl,w 19
5. The Touchdowners
Ulrik Knuth w,w,w,w,d,bl 19
8. Take Out?
Peter Niebling w,w,d,w,d,l 18
9. Buffy & Friends
Truls Mosegaard w,l,bl,w,d,w 17
9. My Black Metal Ponies
Dark Elf
Morten Bonnin w,w,l,bl,d,w 17
9. Duketown Dodgers
Wood Elf
Christian Nislev w,l,w,bl,l,w 17
9. For the Beer
Morten Abildgaard P. w,bl,w,w,d,l 17
13. Lustria Vikings
Jesper Juhl d,l,d,bl,w,w 15
13. Da ShinKickas
Martin Lærkes bl,w,l,w,l,l 15
13. R.I.P.
Ulrik Hegerlund w,l,d,l,w,bl 15
13. Grobilks Grunts
Jesper Kliborg l,l,w,d,w,bl 15
13. Treehuggers
Wood Elf
Rasmus Meldgaard w,l,l,w,bl,l 15
13. Fuckers Finest
Wood Elf
Martin McSherry bl,l,d,l,w,w 15
19. Darkside United
Dark Elf
Karsten Westergaard l,w,bl,d,bl,w 14
19. Flowergirls
Susanne Tougaard bl,bl,w,l,w,l 14
19. Who Let the Dogs Out?
Clement Lessél w,w,l,l,d,c 14
19. Not Orc
Brian Larsen l,l,w,l,w,c 14
23. Azhaghs Stompers
Ian Kennedy d,l,bl,w,l,c 11
23. Greenadders
Wood Elf
Thomas Tassi bl,w,w,bl,bl,c 11
25. Da Koorse orf Deth
Mads Wiik bl,l,bl,d,bl,l 9
26. The Fab Five
Brian Kristensen bl,l,bl,d,w,bl 8
27. Hunted by Destiny
High Elf
Kåre Foged bl,w,d,c,c,c 7
28. Orkanerne
Benjamin Lamberth bl,w,bl,c,c,c 6


Blue and Yellow - Undead Team:
2 Mummies: Block.
2 Wights: Tackle, Guard*
3 Ghouls: Block
6 Zombies
4 ReRolls
3 Fan Factor
Baltimore Skaven - Skaven Team:
4 Gutter Runners: Strip Ball
2 Storm Vermin: Guard, Guard
1 Thrower:
4 Linemen:
1 Rat Ogre: Block*
2 ReRolls
3 Fan Factor
Sleepers - Rogue Elf Team:
3 Catchers: Dump Off*
2 Blitzers: Dodge, Dodge
1 Thrower: Accurate.
5 Linemen:
3 ReRolls
1 Fan Factor
Kroxigor Amox - Lizardman Team:
6 Saurus: Guard, Guard, Leader*
5 Skinks:
1 Kroxigor: Team Player
2 ReRolls
2 Fan Factor
1 Apothecary