Lustria Open 3

***Did You Know?***
For Lustria Open 3, head coach Galvaniz Gut and the remaining players of the dwarven team "The Dwarks"
actually showed up drunk for their first match! Having been on a drinking binge with their kindred didn't
in any way impair their form, in fact, it seemed to have improved it. The Dwarks surprisingly qualified for
the cup of the second day, but had to decline as they had scheduled a second binge that same night!

These are the results of the Lustria Open 3 tournament, held in april 2002.
Tournament Format:
Lustria Open 3 was played using the 4.5th edition rules. The format used was "resurrection" - which means that all teams are 'reset' between games, and each player has 1 standard access skill.
In addition, coaches had 1.200.000 for buying their team, no star players could be bought, 2 of the chosen skills could be traits or anytable skills, and a single player could get 2 skills.

You can see all the rules that were used here: Copenhagen Tournament Rules. This is also where you can see the special team lists.
The player and skill selection of the top 8 teams can be seen by clicking their coach's name in the results table below.

Ranking: 4 matches were played by each coach on the first day. The coach uses his best 3 results for calculating his ranking.
The ranking is found using the open system from the Deathzone rulebook. Draws are worth 10 points.

Resistance: In case of any tied ranking scores, first check of the involved coaches have played against each other. If so, the winner of the reciprocal match is ranked the highest. If there was no reciprocal match, then each coach calculates his resistance, by adding up the ranking of the 3 coaches on which he himself based his ranking. The player with the highest resistance is then ranked the highest.

Qualification: The 15 coaches with the highest rankings qualify for the cup, held on the second day of the tournament. In addition, a single wildcard player also participates in the cup. The wildcard player is picked at random from the remaining teams who have played all 4 of their play-off matches. (So even with a poor score you can qualify - if you complete your fixture).

The Cup: In the round of 16, the best ranked team faces the worst ranked team of the remaining 16, the second best faces the second worst, and so forth. From then on out, the match-ups are decided randomly.
When reading the scores for the cup matches, the number in paranthesis is the final place of the opponent for the match. In the round in which a team is knocked out, it is compared to the other losing teams on the basis of their ranking/resistance from day 1.

***Did You Know?***
At the end of the teams final match, head coach Jean Luc Picard of the Bretonnian team "Rapier Fatale"
commented on the match to Spike!-magazine. Wiping the sweat from his brow, and being more than a little
exhausted, his words were: "Merde - zis vas ze longezt game evér! Zose Chaos Dvarfs just kept on comíng!"
Rapier Fatale had in fact at this point played 3 chaos dwarf teams in a row, and had won the tournament.


Lustria Open 3 - Results

Place Team/Race Head Coach Ranking/
of 16
Quarter Semi Bronze Final
1. Rapier Fatale
Martin Lærkes 51 (57) 2-1 (13th) 1-0 (6th) 2-1 (4th)   3-0 (2nd)
2. Driberniehls Revenge
Chaos Dwarf
Pelle Esbensen 51 (56) 1-0 (11th) 2-0 (8th) 2-1 (3rd)   0-3 (1st)
3. Mirkwood Warbears
Wood Elf
Anders Bøggild Poulsen 49 2-1 (9th) 2-0 (7th) 1-2 (2nd) 2-1 (4th)  
4. Zzenith Warriorzz
Chaos Dwarf
Søren Skovsgaard 51 (56) 2-1 (12th) 3-1 (5th) 1-2 (1st) 1-2 (3rd)  
5. The Undead
Jakob Lærkes 53 5-0 (29th) 1-3 (4th)      
6. Mighty Minions
Chaos Dwarf
Nicolai Overgaard 52 (89) 2-0 (15th) 0-1 (1st)      
7. Hobgoblins R' Us
Truls Mosegaard 52 (55) 1-0 (14th) 0-2 (3rd)      
8. Homespun Hoodlums
High Elf
Frederik Rønn 51 (42) 2-1 (10th) 0-2 (2nd)      
9. The Gouged Eye Revival
Clement Lessel 45 1-2 (3rd)        
10. Robotwar Heroes
Wood Elf
Michael Krogstrup 43 (72) 1-2 (8th)        
11. Orcs - Dye Hard
Øyvind Straume 43 (65) 0-1 (2nd)        
12. Warpstone Champions
Kristian Rastrup 39 1-2 (4th)        
13. Hargarneth Horrors
Dark Elf
Brian Larsen 38 (137) 1-2 (1st)        
14. Nuka's Hobbos
Nuka Sindahlsen 38 (119) 0-1 (7th)        
15. Cow
Chaos Beastman
Peter Niebling 37 (96) 0-2 (5th)        
16. The Dwarks
Peter Ellebye 37 (128)          
17. Da Crunch Bunch
Claus Raasted 37 (114)          
18. Team Smurf
Poul Piepgrass 34 (86)          
19. Torpedo Nogrod
Kasper Bøgh Pedersen 34 (33)          
20. Highland kiwis
High Elf
Kåre Foged 32          
21. Black Dwarf
Christian Hastrup 31          
22. Lapdancers
Troels Strøm 25          
23. Neil Young & the Crazy Norse
Odin Jakobsen 24 (133)          
24. Copenhagen Midget
Claus Bøgevig 24 (122)          
25. Woodstockers
Wood Elf
Peter Josef Olsen 24 (120)          
26. Happy Spirits of the Forest
Wood Elf
Rolf Høymann 11          
27. Cleveland Carvers
Chaos Marauders
Simon Lei Fredslund 10          
28. Asgard Avalanches
Troels Barkholt 9          
29. The Boys Are Back in Town
Allan Baastrup 8 (154)          
29. Fishboon Fanatics
Marcus Gehrcke 8 (154) Wildcard
0-5 (5th)

Bretonnian2.jpg (11875 bytes) Rapier Fatale - Bretonnian Team:
6 Knights: Guard, Guard, Tackle, Piling On, Dodge*, Dodge* + Guard.
2 Squires: Sure Feet, Sure Feet.
5 Peasants: Block, Block, Block, Kick, Dirty Player.
3 ReRolls
5 Fan Factor
Drieberniehls Revenge - Chaos Dwarf Team:
5 Chaos Dwarfs: Guard, Guard, Guard, Guard, Guard.
6 Hobgoblins: Sure Hands, Leader*, Dirty Player, Dirty Player, Dirty Player, Dirty Player.
2 Bull Centaurs: Block, Block.
1 Minotaur: Block + Frenzy*
3 ReRolls
3 Fan Factor
Woodelf.jpg (53940 bytes)

Mirkwood Warbears - Wood Elf Team:
2 Wardancers: Dauntless*, Guard*.
2 Catchers: Block, Block + Leap.
7 Linemen: Kick, Dodge, Dodge, Dodge, Dodge, Dodge, Dodge.
1 Treeman: Guard.
2 ReRolls
1 Fan Factor

Zzenith Warriorzz - Chaos Dwarf Team:
5 Chaos Dwarfs: Guard, Guard, Guard, Mighty Blow, Mighty Blow.
5 Hobgoblins: Block, Block, Kick, Accurate*, Dirty Player.
2 Bull Centaurs: Break Tackle, Break Tackle + Dodge*.
1 Minotaur: Block.
3 ReRolls
5 Fan Factor
2 Assistant Coaches

Vampire.jpg (10263 bytes)

The Undead - Vampire Team:
4 Vampires: Tackle, Block, Dodge, Sure Hands + Pass*.
3 Ghouls: Block, Block, Heroic Tackle.
2 Zombies: Kick, Leader*.
5 Skeletons: Tackle, Dirty Player, Dirty Player, Dirty Player, Dirty Player.
3 ReRolls
4 Fan Factor

Mighty Minions - Chaos Dwarf Team:
6 Chaos Dwarfs: Guard, Guard, Guard, Guard, Guard, Guard.
5 Hobgoblins: Sure Hands, Dirty Player, Dirty Player, Dirty Player, Dirty Player.
2 Bull Centaurs: Guard, Guard.
1 Minotaur: Claw* + Fang*.
2 ReRolls
5 Fan Factor

Hobgob2.gif (5362 bytes)

Hobgoblins R' Us - Hobgoblin Team:
6 Sneaky Gits: Block, Block, Block, Block, Mighty Blow*, Mighty Blow*.
3 Evil Sneaks: Strip Ball, Block, Sure Hands + Dodge.
6 Linemen: Tackle, Tackle, Dirty Player, Dirty Player, Dirty Player, Dirty Player.
2 ReRolls
4 Fan Factor

Highelf.gif (9841 bytes)

Homespun Hoodlums - High Elf Team:
1 Phoenix Warrior: Accurate + Strong Arm*.
2 Dragon Warriors: Dauntless*, Tackle.
4 Lion Warriors: Block, Leap, Dodge, Sure Feet.
5 Linemen: Block, Tackle, Dodge, Dodge, Dirty Player.
3 ReRolls
1 Fan Factor