Lustria Open 1

***Did You Know?***
The first Lustria Open was attended by very few teams. It seems that only a few teams had gotten the
invitation, and even fewer knew how to get to Lustria. Of those that did, some were lost in the jungle and
missed the tournament entirely, some were taken ill with tropical diseases, and still some were just never
heard of again. Team Captain Jaq of the victorious Sacre Bleu commented: It was a jungle out there!

These are the results of the Lustria Open 1 tournament, held in april 2000.
Tournament Format:
Lustria Open 1 was played using the CTR rules, based on the 3rd edition of Blood Bowl. The format used was "resurrection" - which means that all teams are 'reset' between games, and each player has 1 standard access skill. In addition, no star players could be bought, and 1 of the chosen skills could be an anytable skill.

You can see the latest version of the Copenhagen Tournament Rules here. They are now based on the 4.5th edition of Blood Bowl (BB2K1), which actually has a lot in common with the old CTR rules. This is also where you can see the special team lists.

Ranking: 3 matches were played by each coach on the first day. The coach uses all 3 results for calculating his ranking.
The ranking is found using the open system from the Deathzone rulebook. Draws are worth 10 points.

Ties: In case of any tied ranking scores, first check of the involved coaches have played against each other. If so, the winner of the reciprocal match is ranked the highest. If there was no reciprocal match, then the team that had scored the most touchdowns moves on to the next round. If there is still a tie, a dice-off will settle the matter.

Qualification: The 6 coaches with the highest rankings qualify for the cup, held on the second day of the tournament.

The Cup: In the first round of the players ranked 3-6 will each play against one of the others. The match-up is decided randomly. The 2 winners procede to the semi-finals, where they each will face the team ranked first and second. Again, the match-up is decided randomly.
When reading the scores for the cup matches, the number in paranthesis is the final place of the opponent for the match. In the round in which a team is knocked out, it is compared to the other losing teams on the basis of their ranking/resistance from day 1.

Lustria Open 1 - Results

Place Race Head Coach Ranking Qualification
Semi Final
1. Sacre Bleu
Bretonnians (old version)
Jakob Lærkes 55   won (4th) won (2nd)
3. Horny Rats
Michael Werliin 37 win (5th) won (3rd) loss (1st)
2. Truckers
Kasper Thiberg 52   loss (2nd)  
4. Forces of Nature
Wood Elf
Jacob Krog 37 win (6th) loss (1st)  
5. Okriaf Grungnaz Bin Zharra Uzkul
Chaos Dwarf
Kristian Wegge 30 loss (2nd)    
6. Calaquindi
High Elf
Kasper Bøgh Pedersen 29 loss (4th)    
7. Disciples of Disease
Jesper Pedersen 24      
8. Smashers
Johan Denckert 23      
9. Sneaky Gits
Peter Knudsen 8      
10. Dirty Ovaries
Dark Elf
Elisabeth Jessen 5