Bretonnian Teams in Blood Bowl: Gallery
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This page is meant to serve as inspiration for creating your own Bretonnian team for Tabletop play.

Force Majeur. By Martin Lærkes
This Bretonnian team has made a point of avoiding the military look, which can easily be the result, when converting Warhammer miniatures into Blood Bowl teams. The team uses 3rd edition human Blood Bowl miniatures for the positionals, and thrall miniatures from the vampire team for the linemen.

Furious Feudalists. By Truls Mosegaard
This Bretonnian team using Imperial militia and knights on foot, as well as proper Bretonnian squires and conversions using errant knight torsos and Blood Bowl high elf legs.

Noblesse Oblige. By Peter Berg
This Bretonnian team using miniatures from lots of different sources, including the Mordheim Sisters of Sigmar line.

 Rapier Fatale. By Spencer the Rover.

Mousillon Comets. By Torg