Provenance of Plasmoids CRP+ Rules

In June 2011 I posted what I think was my first version of the NTBB rules on TFF. The rules included roster changes based on a casual look at the win-data I had collected for the BBRC followed up by online polls and discussions. Originally (back in 2010) I only intended for the NTBB rules to consist of roster changes, but those online discussions eventually convinced me that a handful of CRP rules were also standing in the way of achieving a better balance in BB. To remedy that I looked to a list published by Galak Starcscraper (Tom Anders) detailing a few rules changes that the BBRC would have wanted to get playtested. To my mind they were an excellent starting point because they appeared to be where PBBL playtest would have headed next, had GW not rather abruptly ended the playtest cycle. Galak has recently described his list like this: “But that was the clear point that was being made ... those 10 were on the list of things we thought needed tested. We did not know if the changes should be made ... but we could see those 10 items as having possible positive effects for the game if they tested out like we hoped they would.” [june 2015]

In july 2011 Tom replied to my post with his original list, just to make it absolutely clear that his list and mine were not identical. Not wanting to misrepresent Tom, I started working with Tom and Ian (Doubleskulls), discussing each item on Toms list, considering various alternative iterations of each rule, and after a lengthy discussion and several tweaks we arrived in february 2012 at 12 changes to the CRP rules that we agreed each looked like they would improve the CRP rules. I eventually showed the list to the remaining BBRC members Babs and Geggster. Babs was happy with that list, while Geggster liked some of it, but not all – but refrained from further comment as he thought that any kind of unified BBRC support might have a divisive effect on the community.

Since 2012, a few tweaks have been made. All bar one of these were either cleared with Ian, Tom and Babs, or was already on Galaks original list – or in the case of Khemri was just a return to straight CRP. The one exception is the Bank Rule, which I rewrote to make it conform to the Petty Cash rules, which had by now been official for quite a while. My rewrite results in the same amount of cash becoming available, but there are other differences.
For comparison here is Galaks original list, as well as the final version of the CRP+.

Galak’s List

CRP+ 2015

Bash: When using a Piling On reroll, Claw/Mighty Blow do not apply.

=> We did the math on the proposed version and a number of other versions, and after a lengthy online discussion, Dode (I think) came up with the replacement rule that we could all agree on:
Mighty Blow does not stack with Claw on the armor roll, and Piling On only applies on the injury roll.

Sneaky Git works as it does now +  like Guard for fouling

=> The new SG had not been popular with coaches in the first year of playtest, so we discussed various alternatives and decided to replace it with the ability to recover from being sent off on a 4+

Fouling: +1 to the AV for a foul if the fouler is not in an opposing TZ

=> We agreed that it was not a good idea to have this exception to how assists usually works, so the conditional +1 was turned into a standard +1 modifier.

Right Stuff: Prevents Tackle from negating Dodge on a Pow!

=> Unchanged (even though Ian admittedly was not super keen on this)

Ogre Team: MA6 to snotlings OR Ogres for Human and Ogre team to 130K

=> Ian did not like the buff to snotlings, so that was moved to the Narrow Tier Rosters.
The 130K Ogre made it onto the human roster as CRP+, but remained an NT rule for the ogre team

Human team: AV8 on human catchers for free.

=> unchanged

Bank: A coach can make up to 100K/150K unavailable for the next game. All available cash increases TV.

=> Reworded and thereby changed – to allow the same amount of cash to be stored, but merging the rule with the Petty Cash rule for more flexibility. As stated, I did not clear that with any BBRC members, as I felt (and still feel) that it is essentially the same rule.


Not on Galaks original list, but Galak and Ian both agreed to slightly harsher levels for Spiralling Expenses, as restricted cash flow was an integral part of the Bank rule.


Not on Galaks original list, but Galak and Ian both agreed that getting bonus cash whenever you forced an opponent to concede did jarred with the intent to prevent big teams from stockpiling cash.


Wizards for 200K was not on Galaks list, but was agreed to by Ian & Galak.

Human team: -10K for human blitzers

č Got canned (in agreement with Tom & Ian), as the human team had already recieved AV8 catchers and 130K ogres.

Khemri team: Overhaul to the Khemri team

č Was originally in Plasmoids CRP+, but as time has passed the CRP Khemri team has become widely accepted, so both Galak and I have given up on the idea.

Plasmoids CRP+ represents the general direction in which the BBRC wanted the playtest cycle to go next. But due to GW it never did. That said, there are no guarantees that the BBRC would have used all of these, that they would not have added anything else or that they wouldn’t have used the wordings on Galaks original list. Nor are there any guarantees that the rules would have survived the testing. But the BBRC were certainly thinking that a nerf to bash, a buff to fouling, added survivability for tier 3, a limit to cash stockpiling and a nudge up for humans would be good for the game.