Picking Inducements

Picking the right inducements in Blood Bowl can be quite complicated, but it is the key to winning a game as the underdog. While I can not tell you what to choose, I can make it easier for you to not miss any of the options. These 50+ page pdf's should ensure that you have everything available at a quick glance.

The first pdf contains a double-sided reference sheet for each of the available Blood Bowl teams, including the 3 BBRC endorsed ones (Chaos Pact, Slann and Underworld) and the Bretonnians. Simply print out the inducement table for each species, print their 6 available star players on the back - and hand them out to the coaches in your league. Knut Rockie deserves very special mention for creating the amazing artwork for the cards.

The 2nd pdf has the same basic content, but it has been modified to correspond with the alternative NTBB rules. Also included are a further 3 unofficial teams (Daemons, Ithilmar Elfs & Tileans). While these teams are not part of the NTBB rules, adventurous leagues are more than welcome to give them a try all the same.






Download: Inducements for CRP Blood Bowl

Download: Inducements for Narrow Tier Blood Bowl 2015