My Brother's Blood Bowl Collection
[The original 6] [The Deathzone 6] [The LRB 9] [The BBRC 3]

Just like myself, my borther is an avid coach - and just like mine his collection is a gamer's collection rather than
fancy collector’s collection
. Some of the teams were painted by himself back in the day, while others were picked up on ebay or in rare cases painted by friends.

Blood Bowl Handbook Teams

Human Team

Orc Team

Dwarf Team

Skaven Team

Skaven Team


High Elf Team

Dark Elf Team

DeathZone Teams

Wood Elf Team

Chaos Dwarf Team

Halfling Team

Goblin Team

Animal Urges, Chaos Team

Vigour Mortis, Undead Team

 LRB Era Teams

Vampire Team

Necromantic Team

Khemri Team

Lizardman Team


Lizardman Team

Norse Team

Amazon Team

Nurgle’s Rotters Team

Elf Team

Ogre Team

BBRC Teams

Chaos Pact Team

Slann Team

Wicked Alliance, Underworld Team