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Plasmoidís NTBB2018 [DZ2 updated)
Pages soon to be reworked as NTBB only. BB2016 has made CRP+ Obsolete.
NTBB: House rule roster tweaks based primarily on CRP data, attempting to make more BB teams and tactics viable.

Bretonnians in Blood Bowl (DZ2 updated)
The Bretonnian Blood Bowl team - used by Cyanide in BB2.
Updated for DZ2 compliance for tabletop play.

Player Aid: Inducements (DZ2 updated)
2 page overview of the inducements for each race - including star player cards featuring the awesome artwork of Knut Rockie. A second set is provided for use with the Narrow Tier BB alternative team lists.

Player Aid: LRB6 Playbooks
A collection of playbooks for the various Blood Bowl teams
Written for CRP, so the advice given (especially Piling On) may be outdated.

Team Power in LRB6
Data sample collected for the BBRC, prior to the preparation of LRB6

My Collection
I'm a collector at heart, and these are my teams: One painted team for each of the official rosters, plus the 3 BBRC recommended ones, the 2 Cyanide ones and 2 house rule teams. 29 all in all.

Jaqra's Collection
Just like myself, my brother has played BB and collected miniatures since forever, and this is his massive 20-team collection.

If you want to play BB online, but don't have the time to play a full game in one sitting, then try play by email in the NTBBL. We play the latest incarnation of the Blood Bowl rules, but with NTBB rosters. Join today by registering for the forum and then sending me an email.

Copenhagen Tournament Rules
Resurrection tournament rules, with a few special twists. Positively ancient. But might be an inspiring trip down memory lane.


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