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Plasmoidís CRP+ (as well as the NTBB Blood Bowl variant)
Soon to be reworked as just NTBB - since BB2016 has made CRP+ somewhat obsolete.
CRP+: 10 unofficial rules written with members of the BBRC to improve Blood Bowl.
NTBB: House ruled roster tweaks building on Plasmoidís CRP+ to make more BB teams and tactics viable.

Bretonnians in Blood Bowl (2014/Cyanide edition)
The Bretonnian Blood Bowl team - used by Cyanide in BB2 and recently tweaked to accommodate feedback from extensive online testing

Player Aid: Inducements
2 page overview of the inducements for each race - including star player cards featuring the awesome artwork of Knut Rockie. A second set is provided for use with the Narrow Tier BB alternative team lists.

Player Aid: LRB6 Playbooks
A collection of playbooks for the various Blood Bowl teams

Team Power in LRB6
Data sample collected for the BBRC, prior to the preparation of LRB6

My Collection
I'm a collector at heart, and these are my teams: One painted team for each of the official rosters, plus the 3 BBRC recommended ones, the 2 Cyanide ones and 2 house rule teams. 29 all in all.

Jaqra's Collection
Just like myself, my brother has played BB and collected miniatures since forever, and this is his massive 20-team collection.

If you want to play BB online, but don't have the time to play a full game in one sitting, then try play by email in the NTBBL. We play by the full CRP + NTBB rules. Join today by registering for the forum and then send me an email.

Copenhagen Tournament Rules
Resurrection tournament rules, with a few special twists. Old. admittedly.


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