Bretonnian Teams in Blood Bowl: Criticism
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Over the course of it's long creation process, the Bretonnian roster has evolved to accomodate lots of different points of critique. I feel that the team has dealt with the most common design complaints, while remaining true to both the fluff and the intended niche. I get that others would envision Bretonnians in Blood Bowl differently than I did. What I do not get is the complaint that Bretonnians don't belong in BB in the first place:

Bretonnians do not belong in BB, because the BB-universe is not the Warhammer Universe!
While it is true that they're not the same universe, there are striking similarities. There could be BB-Bretonnians, just like there are BB-Skaven, BB-Chaos and BB-High Elfs.
They're neither Warhammer Bretonnians nor an army.
Or, to illustrate my point, I'll quote from the BB team lists: Black Orc, Troll Slayer, Skaven, Gutter Runner, Rat Ogre, Witch Elf, Chaos, Beastman, Chaos Warrior, Bull Centaur, Wardancer, Yethee, Saurus, Skink, Kroxigor, Khemri, Nurgle - not to mention teams like Middenheim Marauders or Lustria Croakers.

There is already a Bretonnian team in Blood Bowl. It's called the Human team!
The Human team does not encompass all human nations. The Norse and Amazon team are ample proof of that.

There just isn't room for a 4th human team!
There are 4 elf teams, 4 undead teams, 4 chaos teams - even 4 stunty teams.

Why would Bretonnian nobles employ useless peasant linemen?
Because somebody has to do the dirty work. But more importantly: Because this is a game.
Why do undead use zombies instead of wights? Why aren't all norse players berserkers? Why don't chaos have 0-8 chaos warriors?

Bretonnians? Why not Eshin, Skryre, Kislev or Araby then?
Because the nation of Bretonnia is distinct enough to have it's own Warhammer army. So it could have it's own Blood Bowl team.
And importantly - having a Warhammer army means that there is plenty of fluff material written, plenty of miniatures for conversions and lots of fans who could port over to Blood Bowl.

Nobles and peasants in Blood Bowl? That's stupid - it's nothing like the awesome classic teams, such as the Slann.
Feast your eyes on these from the 1st edition of BB. They were Albion players at the time, I believe - but Knights and Peasants go back to the very beginning of Blood Bowl.

They're overpowered. Or they're underpowered!
Not really. The original Bretonnian team used by Cyanide was performing near the bottom of tier 1. With the recent (2016) addition of agility skills to the Blitzers, they seem to have moved closer to the middle of tier 1. Not impressive, but the first new team in many years that isn't intended to fall below tier 1.