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Here they are, all 90 DotW winners in all their glory!
The "Wins in Deckathon" column shows how far the deck got in the Deckathon tournament - a knock-out cup tournament that pitted all of the Decks of the Week against each other, until only one was left standing.

Deck Illuminati Wins
in Deckathon

Deck Description


Contest winner - using the non-existent 9 Unknown Men resource from the non-existent Bavarian Fire Drill expansion. Combines a massive slurp bonus and non-secret groups that can attack secret groups to take over multiple secret magic groups in one turn. The deck prevents other secret groups from interfering with Let the Sunshine In.
87 - Xists
Space/Science themed alignmentless deck

3 Adepts of Khermit
Speed/Isolationist Hermes deck, churning out Frog Gods and using Brag of the SubGenius.

0 Cruel Brittania
Sure, England's power is reduced today... but not necessarily tomorrow...
84 0 Circle of "obo"
Personality deck pushing the german Showmaster to the limit to achieve Bavarias illuminated goal.
83 0 Attack of the Bodysnatchers
Use every means necessary to keep one rival out of the game. Once you've eliminated him, unmask as what he was playing and win with Cast Out False Prophets.
82 1 The Superman Deck
Shangri-La low-rarity high-power deck. Built to win in 2 turns, but failing this will not kill the deck
81 3 The Snake People from Outer Space
K'Tonnie variant. K'Taden Legume and Connie Dobbs set up a mutual immunity that protects your powerstructure from most attacks.
80 0 The Granddaddy of All Cockroaches
An actual working Fratricide deck! Relies on Upheavals and NWO: The Magic Goes Away to get the job done.
79 2 Fun'Damentalists
A screamingly fast power buildup, coupled with a little-used fact courtesy of the SubGenius set…
78 1 Deck of the Weak
Hey, kiddies! More German groups than you can shake a tentacle at…
77 0 SlackStortion
Working from within the Church, the dreaded NHGH pulls the strings on its empire of lawlessness and violence. And you can pull the strings on NHGH!
76 0 Cult of Cthulhu
Our fourth and final entry in the CthulhuCon series.
75 2 Homocidal Nazi Geniuses from Beyond the Grave of Cthulhu
Part three of the wildly successful CthulhuCon series.
74 1 Attack of the Deadly Ninja Throwing Conventions Deck
The second in the CthulhuCon series…
73 0 No One is Safe
The first of four DotW winners centered around the Annual Convention card.
72 0 Violence is for Everyone
One deck. Three Illuminati. Four ways to win.
71 4 Discordian Monodeck
The new classic Discordian deck.
70 0 Shell Game
Resource-Heavy Cthulhu deck
69 0 Gay Space Vampires
Conquer the world with undead gay space aliens
68 0 Intergalactic Atomic Arousal
Befuddle your frineds with this Blinded by Science/Arise! Combo deck
67 0 A Grey Day at the FTC
A UFO Corporate deck with four ways to win
66 2 Understanding Slack, the Extension of Mutants
Media-oriented SubGenius Deck
65 0 An Oliver Stone Production
"A secret conspiracy gone Hollywood."
64 1 Bitter Cynical Sellout Discordia Deck
Straight and Government Discordia deck
63 0 Blinded by Frankenfood
Use Frankenfood to achieve the Bermuda special goal, with variations
62 0 Stormy Pinkness
Draw your Plot deck with Straight Ninjas, Pinks, and Gun Lobby
61 1 Somebody Kill Me, Please!
Win with Arise! By forcing someone else to kill you
60 0 S.L.A.K. Never Rests!
Whomp up with a super-S.L.A.K.
59 0 Tokens from Heaven
Use NASA's special ability to excess
58 2 The Hired Gun
Governemnt and Violent Cthulhu deck with Up Against the Wall
57 1 The Bermuda Crime-Angle
Bermuda Special Goal, linked by the Criminal alignment
56 0 The Stepford Bimbos
Predator deck based on the Congressional Wives
55 0 Save the Earth, Kill the Humans
Control Communist groups, play NWO: Watermelons, win with Goal: Earth First
54 0 Going One Better
Blinded by Science, Power to the People, Earth First!, and Unmaskng as the Network
53 1 All the News that's Fit to Eat
This deck was the winner of the Deck of the Week Challenge #5, to build a deck from a restricted set of cards. See these other pages:
52 1 The Bottom Feeder
Use Political Correctness to generate Criminal Overlords
51 0 Annoy and Conquer
Annoy your opponents with inconvenient NWOs
50 0 Alien Nation
Nations deck organized around Gun Lobby
49 0 Make a Copy and Shred the Original
Copy Shops/Nevermore! Plot killer
48 0 The Trojan Goose
Give away Unmasked and Shangri-La cards
47 0 Ignorance is Strength
Media-oriented Predator deck
46 0 The Nuclear Genie
Unmasks as Adepts with Corporate Masters
45 0 Blinded by Cake
UFOs with Kill for Peace, Blinded by Science, Let Them Eat Cake, and Shangri-La victory plans
44 - Six Dead Conservatives
Very degenerate Power to the People deck
43 0 Blunt Trauma
Brute-force Cthulhu deck
42 1 Cuius Testiculos Habes
Inscrutable UFOs deal-making deck
41 0 I am Not Left-Handed!
Liberal deck reverses to Conservative
40 0 Poetry in Motion
Bermuda's special goal, Blinded by Science, and Unmaskng as the Network
39 0 The Counterculture McGoverniks
Liberal-themed Discordia deck
38 0 Attack of the Plot Bandits
Plot Predator and other plot-related mischief
37 any 0 King for a Day, Thule for a Lifetime
Thule group extravaganza
36 0 The Wonderbread of Peace
Shangri-La with a Place theme
35 0 Soylent Green
Green deck with a Population Reduction sideline
34 1 Valley of the Shadow of Death
Hand of Madness with failed attacks against Church of Violentology
33 0 The Invaders Plan
Control/Destroy with failed attacks against Church of Violentology
32 0 General Disorder Rides Again!
General Disorder tricks
31 0 Bolsheviktory!
Communist theme deck
30 0 The Cult of Personality
Personality predator
29 0 God Knows; We Can Find Out
Information Broker
28 1 Death Geeks
Pro-Science destruction deck
27 1 Invasion of the Gadget Snatchers
Deck based around the Recycling Centers
26 0 Save the Earth...For Us!
Peaceful, Liberal, and Green
25 0 Gaia's Revenge II
Green, Liberal, Government, anti-Corporate, with Assassins cards
24 0 Alternative Government? Excellent, Dude!
Fanatic and Secret power deck
23 1 The Acronymicon
Government and acronymic groups
22 0 Criminal Interest
Criminal and Bank; no Corporates
21 0 Big Brother is Watching You
Pro-Government Destruction
20 0 The Right-Wing Revolution
Straight and Conservative, anti-Liberal
19 1 Lambs to the Slaughter
Reload Ninjas with failed attacks
18 - Ho Ho! *Bang* - F*ck, I'm Dead!
Bjorne/Moonbase suicide trick; has officially been declared illegal.
17 0 Cyber Rights Now!
Liberal Computer deck
16 0 I Love You All! Bombing Begins in Five Minutes
Media and Personalities, goes for special Bermuda goal
15 0 Open 23 Hours a Day, 5 Days a Week
Convenience Stores sandbag deck
14 0 Revenge, Part 1
Sandbags most popular groups
13 1 Heil Eris!
Weird Science deck powered by South American Nazis
12 0 The Sacred Aspirin Commercial
Isolationist deck, unmasks as Shangri-La
11 1 The Heimlich Maneuver
Classic Secret deck with Junk Mail
10 0 Your Money is in Good Hands
Government Bank deck
09 0 The Artefactory
Magic Resource generator
08 1 The Sorcerous and Larcenous Spawning Behemoth
Violent Criminal Magic deck
07 0 Double Predator
Plot and Resource Predator
06b 0 A Peace of the Action
Peaceful, Violent, and Criminal: Shangri-La or Criminal Overlords goals
06a 0 Servants of Shangri-La
Government, Violent, and Peaceful, unmasks as Shangri-La
05 0 The Judo Deck
Peaceful w/Kinder and Gentler on rival's groups
04 0 Heretic Magi
Destroy your Hermes rivals and steal their resources
03 2 Beggar Your Neighbor
Liquor Companies Travel Agency, card draw stopper
02 1 Abduction Moon Party
Link Personalities to Moonbase and destroy
01 0 Gaia's Revenge
Pro-Green Anti-Corporate
00 0 Fusion Seppuku
World War III Against Own Nations